5 Health Benefits of Laughter


Laughter is probably one of best remedies to get rid of various health related issues. In this busy lifestyle, people often don’t get time to relax and giggle with others. But this sudden change in the behavior of human has led to adverse effects on the mental as well physical health of people. Laughter is one of the easiest therapies that can help us curbing many health related problems. This endangered process is very important for our mental and physical health and can help fight and prevent various health issues like-

1. Stress and depression-

Stress is one of the major factors that often lead to various complex health issues. Overwork and tensions can make a person mentally and socially inactive, thus hampering his or her social and professional life. The person becomes moody, irritated, tired, and non-communicable and even finds it difficult to concentrate on any work.

Too much pressure can give rise to stress, which in turn gives rise to depression and makes the person aloof from his social circle. Stress and depression has many adverse effects which may even lead to death of the person. So, the best way to curb these problems is to release the stress in the form of laughter. Laughter helps in removing the stress inducing hormones like cortisol from the body, thus relaxing the person.

2. Improves insomnia-

Insomnia is a sleep disorder, which mainly occurs due to stress. The person may suffer from sleepless nights, which in turn leads to various problems during the daytime. Apart from the various medications and therapies available to treat this disorder, doctors may suggest laughter therapy for the successful treatment of this disease. 1-2 hours of laughter session per day can help improve the condition of insomnia by relieving the person from stress.

3. Improves blood circulation in the body-

It has been clinically proven that laughter can boost the blood circulation process in the body and thus helping to keep the heart healthy and free from any troubles. Improved blood circulation helps to keep the mind and body fresh and also prevents various circulatory as well other health related problems.

Laughter helps in opening the blood vessels which in turn improve the blood flow to the heart. This reduces the risks of heart attacks, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular health problems.

4. Good facial muscle exercise-

Laughter is a very good workout for facial muscles. It may help prevent the formation of chubby cheeks and also helps to slow down the aging process. Laughter increases the oxygenation in the body, thus imparting glow to the skin.

5. Improves immunity-

Doctors say that laughter therapy or normal laughter is very effective for boosting the immune system of the body. The process develops the immunity system by producing more antibodies and T-cells in the blood.

Antibodies and T-cells are the backbones of the immunity system. Lower count of these components in the blood may make the body weak and more susceptible to infections. Laughter therapy is also very effective for patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases like cancer, Cushing syndrome, eczema and rheumatoid arthritis.

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