5 Fun Weekend Getaways With Your Partner


One of the most enjoyable things to do with your partner is find that perfect getaway. It’s a great way to connect as well as leaving everything else behind and be just the two of you.


You can be escaping work, getting a break from the kids or celebrating an anniversary. Or, you can just really want to take a vacation, there’s never a wrong reason!


In case you’re looking for some ideas to get the gears turning, check out the list below.


Explore the Outdoors

If you and your partner enjoy being outside and exploring nature, there are tons of places across the country to check out. One of the most popular parks in the country is Yellowstone National Park.


With over two million acres of wildlife, there is no shortage of things to see and animals to take pictures of. You’ll want to make sure you hit up the Old Faithful and Steamboat geysers. If you can, you can also take a safari in at Lamar Valley to see what animals roam the Wild West.


If you’re out east, you can look at trails along the Appalachian Trail. There’s something for everyone there and you can either camp along the trail or find a cabin and disconnect from the world for a few days.


Adventure Sports

You might be an outdoorsy person who just wants the rush of adrenaline. What about setting up a skiing or snowboarding trip? It’s safe to say that Colorado is one of the top places for any snow-related activities.


If it’s summer, look to hit the water by busting out your kayaks or renting a canoe and slowly paddling along the river. There are thousands of great rivers and streams to explore throughout the land, but many people head to the Upper Guadalupe in Texas or go to east Tennessee to explore.


A great place to combine nature and canoeing is Everglades National Park. Just make sure you watch out for any roaming alligators!


Dance the Night Away

You and your partner may be more the life of the party as you guys love to get dressed up and hit the town for a night out.


Miami is lovely during the summer and has numerous clubs and bars that are open until the wee hours of the morning. You can recover during the day by laying on the beach and then head off into the fluorescent lights once the sun goes down.


Las Vegas is more than just a place for crushed hopes at the blackjack table and is a fun place to go dancing and if nothing else, people watch. You might have to contend with a number of bachelorette parties but there’s sure to be a spot on the dancefloor for you two.


Just Relax

Maybe all of these ideas seem a bit too activity oriented for you and nothing would sound better than to take it easy and relax for a few days. Hot Springs, Arkansas is the perfect place for such a thing. Filled with all kinds of spas and places for you to treat yourself, it’s an ideal place for you and your partner to recharge your batteries.


Surprisingly, Austin, Texas is another place that has excellent spas perfect for taking the stress away. Make sure and do some research as these spas fill up quickly on the weekends and during the high season.


Beachin’ It

If the picture perfect weekend for you looks like having your feet in the sand or taking a long, relaxing walk then a beach getaway may be perfect for you. One of the best locations is Key West. The area is experiencing a surge of travelers so far in 2019, so it may be best to start booking early.


Heading a bit further up the coast, the Outer Banks in North Carolina is routinely rated as being one of the best beaches in the country. This island group doesn’t offer a ton in terms of touristy activities and sites to see, but it’s a great place to stay for a few days and kick back. You can try your hand at kitesurfing if the winds are kind enough.

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