5 Fall Faves From StyleCycle

Here’s what StyleCycle have their eye on for fall:

  1. Wide leg jeanstylecycle trendds

Why it works:

Super slimming and flattering, they create a long and lean silhouette that works for every body type. Wear with a blouse tucked in, long or short sweaters, vests or a shorter jacket.  The only rule…must wear with a shoe with some height but anything goes from a clog, wedge, boot or pump.


  1. Velvetvelvet

Why it Works:

Velvet is enjoying a renaissance! This plush and decadent material will turn up any outfit and add some interest to your fall wardrobe…picture sweater and jeans paired with a navy velvet blazer…yes, please!


  1. Gauchosa42f742d-d851-4180-9024-32c2fbe8580f

Why it works:

These are not the flimsy 70’s version…they are crafted from heavier, luxurious materials that flatter the body, creating an elegant, refined look.

Picking the right shirt is key – counterbalance the extra volume around your lower half, with anything from a full and boxy top to a tucked in blouse or T-shirt. And although a heel or platform is the safest shoe choice, you can get away with flats as well; the trick is to pick shoes with a thick sole. No ballet flats! These are not for everyone…if you feel like a cropped pant cuts your leg, you might want to skip this one.


4.Capes or Ponchos

Why it works:

Versatility and ease! You can wear it over almost anything and works with any figure.  Great to throw on day or night or just run out of the house in!


  1. Long vestslong vest

Why it works:

This third piece will finish off your look.   Think turtleneck and jeans…good, think about it with a long vest…great!

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