5 Email Management Tools for Complete Email Organization


Are you finding it challenging to manage your emails for work or business? Do you want to learn about useful email management tips and tricks? Are you looking for the right tools that can help keep your emails organized and avoid email addiction?

Keep in mind, there are 3.9 billion active email users in the world, and people sent over 246.5 billion emails per day in 2019. As we enter a post-pandemic time where more services are digital, those numbers will rise more. Make sure you keep up with your emails and keep your inbox organized and categorized.

Well, you came to the right post. Below, we’ve got a list of the top five email management tools you ought to consider. Keep reading to learn more about them as well as some tips on organizing your emails.

1. EmailAnalytics

We begin our list with EmailAnalytics. Do you work better with visualizations than numbers? Do you prefer to look at charts, graphs, and tables?

MailAnalytics will visualize email activity in those formats for you.

You can create teams and view team metrics or track individual inboxes. The tool also lets you measure the average response times of your clients. You can also use it to block unwanted data and avoid getting tracked by unwelcome parties.

You can enable its daily email report that will condense the team’s email activity. This way, you learn who is receiving or sending the most emails at a glance. It’ll also give you an idea about the productivity of remote teams, which is vital today.

The price of the tool ranges between $5 and $15 per month.  It’s easy to use because of EmailAnalytics’ intuitive user interface. You can instead use the time learning it to learn how to create folders in Gmail.

2. MailMate

Do you want to learn how to organize your emails with only extensive keyboard controls? Do you want a Gmail organization tool that also allows you to format emails with Markdown? If your answer is yes to both questions, you’ll want to consider MailMate.

MailMate takes away your frequent need to use your mouse to organize your emails. Now, you can keep your hands on your keyboard and avoid having to switch between it and the mouse. It’s a great way to save time and keep productivity levels up for keyboard experts.

That’s not all that MailMate does. It also handles automatic signatures, cryptographic signing, and tagging. You’ll also get access to a variety of notification methods and alternative message viewer layouts.

A drawback to MailMate is that it doesn’t support rich-text editing with WYSIWYG. However, you can still use Markdown, which is a simpler language with a plain-text-formatting syntax. Get MailMate for $49.99 for a single-user license.

3. SaneBox

Today, we’ve got AI to take care of most menial tasks. Since some emails can contain important information, you’ll want to check it in person as much as you can. This can be time-consuming, especially if you deal with more junk mail than important ones.

SaneBox uses AI to help you optimize your inbox space and organize your email. You can customize it to your preferences. It will then scan the headers of the messages before it’ll file them into the places you program it to put them.

Another feature includes deleting or hiding unwanted messages from unwelcome senders. It’ll also track auto-replies and send follow-up reminders. Over time, the AI will learn and adopt the way you rank, filter, and organize your email.

You can also turn on its Do Not Disturb mode during important meetings, too. Finally, a neat feature is the SaneBlackHole. Delete emails and unsubscribe from the source with one action. You can get Sanebox for $7 a month or choose other premium options.

4. The Email Game

Do you want to look forward to clearing out your inbox? If you want to learn how to organize emails in Gmail the fun way, use The Email Game tool. It’s a game-style email organization system that brings out the fun in functionality.

The game is simple and can be competitive if that’s what you’re into. Before the game begins, you need to enter your email address first. Right after that, the game starts.

You have only five seconds to decide what you want to do with the email. You can choose to reply, delete, archive, skip, or boomerang it. When you pick boomerang, you’ll archive it now and it’ll show up in your inbox again later.

If you need to reply, the game gives you the default 3 minutes to do so. However, if you need to focus on quality over speed, you can add more time. When you decide what to do within the time limit, you get a certain number of points. If you go over time, you earn penalties instead.

The Email Game is available for free. It works for Gmail and other Google apps. It’s a great solution if you take too much unnecessary time checking your emails.

5. Mailbird

Do you want to manage all your emails and contacts from various accounts in one inbox? Mailbird will do that for you. It will bring in all your emails from Google, Yahoo, Mail.com, and more.

That’s not all that Mailbird does. It also integrates with apps like Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Todoist, and more. You can check your Facebook and Twitter messages from Mailbird. You can reply, compose, and forward emails on this mail organization tool.

You can also snooze emails for a later time. Another feature of Mailbird is its Speed Reader. It will give you an idea about the email via a brief description.

As a note, Mailbird is only available on Windows for now. You can get a lifetime license for only $79. If you can’t afford it, Mailbird also offers a free but limited version. It’s one of the best email management tools you should consider getting.

Handle Your Emails Better With These Email Management Tools

We hope this guide helps you find the best management tools that fit your preferences and needs. Feel free to try any of these tools or a combination of them to keep your emails exactly the way you like them. This can boost productivity and it ensures you find information quickly.

Of course, productivity doesn’t end with email organization. To pick up even more tips and tricks like these, we encourage you to look at our other guides available right here, right now!