5 Easy Tips to Prevent Stomach Pain


Stomach pain is a common problem that occasionally affects a quite good number of the population. Various conditions are associated with the development of the abdominal aches. From complicated issues like growth, inflammation of major organs to food poisoning each of this can lead to discomforts in your stomach. Well, there are many ways both medically and other home remedies that can prevent and cure stomach aches.


What causes stomach pains?


There are many known causes that can lead to stomach pains. Some are easy to manage, and people encounter the daily while others are due to complications of major organs. But, majorly daily encounters are the most significant culprits in the abdominal aches, pains, and crumps. Here are some of the causes.

  • Food allergy
  • Stress
  • Vomiting
  • Food poisoning
  • Acid reflux
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bacteria, virus and parasitic infections


Easy ways to prevent stomach pains


Adequate probiotics intake


When your stomach has more harmful microorganism like bacteria and other elements, they tend to cause stomach infection more regularly. Instead of being on medication to flush these microbes, its better prevent their population by consuming friendly bacteria. Probiotic source food such as yogurt, kefir, Miso and the like helps to regulate the population of harmful microbes in the stomach. Some of these are top probiotics for females meaning they are safe and won’t have side effects. Just as the experts say prevention is better than cure, probiotics food s are lasting solution to keeps stomach safe and healthy.


Regular exercises


If you stay seated for long like people working in offices, they suffer from stomach pain frequently than active people. Mostly, when the body is inactive, digestion takes place slowly. This slow movement of food in the digestive system can trigger severe reaction especially if there is a trace of food poisoning. By exercising, it causes the abdominal muscles to contract and relax which triggers faster food movement. This translates to minimize bloating and efficient stomach emptying. In general, exercising speeds up digestion while being physically inactive causes slowed digestion.


Avoid allergic food


When a person is suffering from any food sensitivity, it’s ideal to avoid them as much as possible. Many symptoms arise due to being allergic to certain type of food, stomach pains being one of the most common. However, it’s ideal to confirm that allergy or digestive issues are the cause of stomach complication. Some of the allergy effects include bloating, acid reflux which in turn leads to severe stomach and general abdominal pains. Avoiding food that causes the allergy is the lasting step in preventing stomach complications.


Avoid chewing gums


This might sound funny but chewing gums regularly only does more harm than good. Although this a common practice among many people, many of these will at one point experience abdominal pain. Chewing gums is associated with excessive air intake according to health experts. With more in the digestive tract, it causes bloating leading to abdominal pain.

On the other hand, chewing gum consumption leads to the production of excessive acids in the stomach leading to damage to the stomach lining. Consequently, with excessive acid, it leads to sharp pains that can be a problem to people who chew gums. Avoiding chewing and finding others ways to freshen your breath Is a significant step to eliminate stomach aches.


Washing hands and fruits


Using dirty hands as well as easting fruits without washing is among the natural ways to contract stomach infections. Gastroenteritis is a bug associated with attacking the stomach due to dirty hands and fruits and causes a lot of complications like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Apart from this stomach bug, other germs can lead stomach infections leading to aches, cramps and other discomforts. Keeping your hands and what you consume helps to keep your stomach safe and free from infections.




Keeping stomach pain away is easy if only you can follow simple hygiene and lifestyle procedures. Avoiding anything that can cause bloating, excessive acid and infections will help you live a healthy life.

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