5 Easy Steps to Improve your Writing Skills

Improving your writing skills is rather a complicated and long lasting process. It is sometimes hard to write especially when you have a deadline or need to reach a specific word count. Whether you write an essay or short article or research paper, there are five easy steps to improve your writing skills.

  1. Read and Research Your Topic

Reading is an essential part of writing. When you read certain articles, researches or other forms of writing, you get an idea of how particular pieces of writing are structured and what looks good or bad on paper. It is a good practice to read similar kinds of written works to those you need to produce yourself. This gives an idea of particular writing styles. Researching and brainstorming the ideas about a topic is an important step before writing. Bookmark the resources you searched on the internet and keep them for future references.

The sources of research should be authenticated and if you’re taking them from the internet then check the credibility and social shares.

  1. Make an Outstanding Outline

Making an outline is an essential part of writing process and it provides a solid structure to your writing. You should try writing down the core points of your work and organize them in a logical order. You should make an outline in the phase of your research. Usually while you read the information on your topic, you automatically get the idea of what you will write afterwards. So, break down this idea into smaller thoughts and you get yourself an outline.

Outlining ensures that your future work has a logical structure. It helps you to prioritize as you can start focusing on less important things not giving enough space to the main ideas. You should never deviate from the main topic when you write an outline so it will always keep you focused. Whenever you have new ideas you can add them into your outline to take into consideration while writing.

  1. Writing an Introduction and Thesis Statement

Your introduction should provide readers with a sense of what they should expect from a paper. Start with some broad thought and then narrow down to thesis statement but make sure that you’re still on the topic. It is recommended to give some intriguing facts at the beginning to keep readers interested. Thesis statement generally appears at the end of introduction. Try to provide a clear and specific thesis statement avoiding vague words. You can also take the aid of research paper writing service to make it more attractive to the readers.

  1. Writing a Body and Conclusion

This is a section where you will explain your topic with supporting arguments. You can refer your outline and present the ideas written in the form of paragraphs. Don’t forget to follow the proper sequence while writing your research paper. You can start incorporating the ideas written in the introduction and support them in the next few sentences and then take on the logical sequence in the main part of the body and finally closing it. The conclusion should summarize the topic and have logical finishing points.

  1. Proofreading

Writing with full concentration is the key to making fewer mistakes in your research paper. Avoid the distractions and get rid of potential interruptions. Remember to pay the attention to correct usage of the Homonyms and punctuations. Read your work 2-3 times in order to correct all the errors.

Proofreading is also very important as mistakes always make a bad impression on readers no matter how bright your ideas are. It is better to proofread your paper twice. The first time should be right after you finish writing. And the second one after some time (better a day or two), when you can look at it with the fresh eye. Don’t underestimate the power of proofreading; ever the best writers make mistakes and proofread their works.

These were five essential essay steps to improve your writing skills and to impress readers scoring well in the exams.



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