5 Creative Gifts for the Man in Your Life


From a woman’s perspective, buying gifts for men can be something of a challenge. You really don’t want to go with something boring and unimaginative, but when you try to use your imagination, you hit a blank. Does this resonate with you? Then these creative gift ideas for men could be just what you’re looking for!

1. Every Man and Boy Loves a Quality Pocket Knife

There’s something special about a well-made pocket knife. At a recent 80th birthday party I attended, a grown man thanked his senior relative for a pocket knife he received when he was just six years old. And guess what? He still carries it with him five decades later! Go for something different to the norm like Irish knives decorated with Celtic patterns. After all, men like beautiful things too!

2. Tech is Always Welcome

Are there any men out there who don’t love gadgets? If you’re looking for something to match a higher budget or are clubbing together for a gift, tech gadgets and accessories are almost always a good call. You may have to do a little spying though. If he loves watching YouTube videos on the go, for example, a tablet may offer a more comfortable screen size. If his battery is forever flat, a power pack might be just the thing. While tech gifts might not sound like a creative idea, choosing the right item is likely to take some careful thought. It will be appreciated.

3. Boost His Adrenalin

Extreme activities can be safe and fun while still giving that adrenalin rush. Find out what’s available in your area. Abseiling, zip lining, paragliding, or bungee jumping are all activities a lot of guys want to try but may not have gotten round to. Find out if you can buy a voucher, or present the idea and ask him for dates that will suit him. A simple gift box with a leaflet or image illustrating the activity inside it is a great way to gift an adventure such as this.

4. Magical Mystery Tour

Love spending time with your partner? Show him a good time with a carefully planned day out that embraces sights, activities and a fantastic meal. He chooses the date, and you choose an itinerary packed full of surprise activities he’ll enjoy. For this option, you’ll need to develop two weather-dependent alternatives. After all, you don’t want to have to call everything off because it’s raining!

5. Think Hobbies and Interests

This is an incredibly wide category, but it will result in a thoughtful gift idea if you consider it carefully. It can range from game boards to fitness accessories and from camping equipment to books. It just depends on your dad, brother, or partner’s interests. You will need to be fairly familiar with how he is already equipped and what he wishes he had, or you can simply choose a voucher from a store that supplies things that match his interests and let him choose his own gift.

Make it a Gift to Last

Whether it’s a matter of making memories to last a lifetime or choosing a gift he’ll frequently use and enjoy, you want your gift to be special. Think it through with the special man you want to pamper in mind, and you’ll do way better than the clicheed soap on a rope or a snack pack that’s here today and gone tomorrow. If budgets are tight, and sure that a rather costly gift will thrill him,consider asking friends and relatives to contribute. After all, one really special gift is worth ten that say: “I didn’t know what to get you, so here’s some aftershave.”