5 Best Bodyweight Bicep Builders



Do you want to get some tickets to the gun show? Do you want to get your sleeves bursting at the seams?

Growing your biceps can be a hard task to master but with some handy tips and advice, you can reach your goals. It’s not all about lifting the heaviest dumbbells or stacking the weights on the cable machines. Future Fitness Training recommends you can build a pair of biceps worthy of any bodybuilding stage using your own bodyweight!

Take a read of our 5 best bodyweight bicep builders that will help you get the arms that you desire without using heavy equipment. Learn to master these bodyweight exercises in order to get the best out of your bicep workout and grow your arms.


  1. Chin-Ups – a classic exercise in any gym routine and a bicep grower! Using an underhand grip, pull your chin up to the top of the bar, pause for a few seconds and slowly control the movement back to the start.

Aim to repeat this movement as many times as you can manage, remembering the pause at the top for maximum contraction and the slow descent to keep the tension in the bicep. Aim to do 3-4 sets.

  1. Planking – the plan is mainly a core exercise that works the abdominals and spinal muscles. Due to the fact that you are supporting your body weight in a prone position through your elbows, this creates a tension in the biceps that helps them to get bigger and stronger!

Again, aim for as long as you think you can manage and repeat through 3-4 times.

  1. Inverted Bar Rows – this exercise can be done on a squat rack or a smith machine – starting with the bat at a height you can reach while lying on the floor. Position your chest underneath the bar with your hands with an under grip and your heels on the floor. Similar to a pullup, control the movement slowly up and down with a pause at the top.

Aim for 3-4 sets of as many as you can manage.

  1. Chaturanga – this is a popular Yoga move that aims to challenge the biceps, triceps and the core says Pure Living Yoga.

In a press-up plank position, lower yourself until your elbows bend and your body becomes level with your elbows. Pause this hold and then return back to the press up plank position. Use a slow controlled technique and repeat as many times as possible in sets of 3-4.

  1. Monkey Bars – our final exercise is the most fun!

Most gyms these days have functional training areas including a circuit of monkey bars. This one will take you back to your childhood. Swinging from bar to bar places the bicep under a prolonged load helping to develop them further.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to growing your biceps with bodyweight exercises, hopefully, you can put these in your workout routine next time you are working out.


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