5 Beautiful Gift Ideas for the Tea and Coffee Lovers


Each and every one of us have some sort of addiction in our lives ranging from food to movies, books to travelling, etc. There are innumerable people who are massively addicted to tea and coffee and believe me they are among the best hearts (I am one of them). You must know some people from your known circle of friends and relatives who needs a cup of tea or coffee in every kind of situation. On their special days like birthday, anniversary, or any success bash, get a flower delivery in Canada with some of the gifts mentioned below:


Personalized Mug:
First and foremost, this thing comes to mind very well. A big mug where someone can pour as much tea/coffee they require to keep their mind satisfied can be decorated with their photographs, quotes, and signatures. A coffee mug or tea mug always rules the mind of a coffee or tea addict. Tea/coffee is as important as the container with which they drink it. So, this one would have a profound effect on the mind of the gift receiver.


Basket of Tea of Various Flavors:

A gift basket of a variety of tea flavors would always be a lovely gift for the tea lovers. Rose, jasmine, lemon and ginger, lemon and honey, ginger and honey, chamomile, cinnamon, hibiscus, mint, mango, vanilla, lemongrass, chocolate, etc. – there are many kind of flavors in the market for your tea addict friend. Fill a cane basket with these wonderful tea bags and inspire them more to love tea. All these flavors are good for the health of mind and body. From removing stress to curbing indigestion – there are many benefits of it.


Lampshade in Tea Pot Shape:

Lampshades are nice home décor items to be kept in home. You can keep this beside your bed or mattress or coffee table. Now the base or stand of this lampshade can be in the shape of a tea pot for the tea addicts. They would find this really interesting.


Color Changing Mug:

This is a unique kind of gift because it is color changing in nature. These kind of mugs would have a kind of color when it is empty and then when you start pouring tea or coffee, the color would change receiving the warmth of the fluid you have just poured. Mesmerize your loved ones with this interesting gift.


Tote Bag with Coffee or Tea Quotes:

A spacious tote bag that generally she carries to almost everywhere can be the next gift. Include the most likable coffee or tea quote over the tote bag to make the gift more interesting. “Tea is the elixir of life”, “While there is tea, there is hope”, “There is nothing in life that a cup of tea cannot cure”, “Coffee is a liquid hug for your brain”, “Look! It’s coffee ‘o’clock”, or “Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee” – are some of the options for you.

I hope these wonderful ideas would be enjoyed by your friends or relatives to whom you can present these things along with a flower delivery Toronto.

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