4 ways to combat dark and dingy rooms


You might have the perfect home layout, but there’s one thing letting it down. It just doesn’t have enough natural light.

Recent studies have suggested that prospective homeowners would pay thousands more just to have more natural light in their next property. The reasons are hardly surprising; let’s not forget that dark and dingy rooms tend to look a bit smaller, whilst they can also bring down the mood.

Today’s article is now going to look at some creative solutions to get around this problem. No, it’s not going to be about installing new windows left, right and centre; after all, this is rarely possible. Instead, it’s about thinking outside the box, which we will now delve into.

Be shrewd with your lighting choices

Let’s start with one of the most unsurprising points about assisting a room which is severely devoid of natural light.

This is where shrewd lighting choices really enter their own. A standard ceiling light isn’t going to suffice here, you will need to consider something like these Pagazzi ceiling lights to really make a difference. Don’t just settle for one – try and position them around your room so everything benefits from light.

Of course, it doesn’t have to just stop with the ceiling. Look towards floor lamps and anything else that can direct light upwards and prompt illumination from different perspectives.

The power of a glossy ceiling

Something else that works wonders is a glossy ceiling. One of the easiest ways to spread light around a room is to reflect it. Suffice to say, this is where a glossy ceiling really comes into its own and particularly if you have taken the advice mentioned in the previous section, it can make a bigger difference than you would ever imagine.

The same rules apply to flooring (to an extent)

Following on from the above, let’s talk about flooring. Of course, you’re not going to paint your floor in a high-gloss finish, but something you can do is tap into a material like wood. By doing this, you’ll take advantage of the fact that it will again reflect light to transfer around the room, but there are other benefits as well. For example, if you can turn to a light wood finish, it’s something else that can bring the space to life and take you away from the dingy-factor we mentioned at the start of the article.

Be boring with your deco

Unfortunately, we are going to save the most mundane suggestion until the end. While you have probably read all of the noise about decorating your home in neutral colours, when it comes to making the most of light this really is the best course of action.

As we have mentioned countless times already, your principal aim should be to reflect light around the dark space that you have inherited. Light colours are something that can assist immensely with this and ultimately, really open up the room and make it feel as though there is more lightness than there really is.

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