4 Types of Money Frauds You Should Be Aware Of

In today’s age, every citizen needs to protect their finances more carefully because scammers are becoming more and more common. They are usually so creative with their schemes that they will lure you in and take your money even before you realize there is something wrong. So it is important for everyone to stay aware of their surroundings and avoid such scams. One can avoid scams by educating themselves about the type of scams that already exists. In this article, I have mentioned a few common money frauds that everyone should be aware of.

Investment Scams

One of the most common scams is investment scams and a lot of people fall for it easily. You will usually get a call from a company asking you to invest in a product or service that does not even exist. And they will convince you by showing false dreams of profit. Sometimes they will contact you through an email or, in rare cases, in-person as well. You can avoid such scams by ignoring these offers. And if you do not want to miss out on legit investment offers you can check if the company is registered with FCA or not to make sure. But it is highly likely that someone will randomly call you for an investment opportunity, so beware.

Money Transfer Scam

Another scam you should be aware of is the money transfer scam. If you have a loved one who lives outside of the US and you often have to send them money, then make sure you are sending it through an authorized dealer.And, in the event you are dealing with cash, make sure to buy one of these counterfeit money detectors.Scammers are known to set a fake shop and pose as an authorized dealer. They will claim to be a part of a money transferring service but in reality, they will just be scamming you. If you have been a victim of such a scam, then reporting financial fraud to the authorities is the best way to deal with it.

Pension Scams

Nowadays, pensioners have the luxury to access large sums of money from their pension funds, and because of that, they have become a target for scammers. This type of scam is pretty similar to the investment scam as you will get similar kinds of calls. But instead of investment, they can also offer you to move your money to another profitable pension fund. It is strictly advised that if you have been offered such an opportunity you must make sure that the company is legit first and then make your next move accordingly. It is wise not to pay much attention to such offers.

Loan Fraud

When you are looking for a loan and are searching for it on the internet, you are likely to get a call for a loan by scammers. They will ask you to share your information and then tell you that you can get the loan after paying the first fee. Remember, you would not be asked to pay a hefty fee installment when you are looking for a loan. You must always make sure that the call you received is coming from a legit insurance company who are registered with FCA.


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