4 Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel

 The holidays are right around the corner and chances are you may be doing some traveling in the coming months. Regardless of where you’re heading, keep in mind that the holiday season is one of the busiest times to travel. With that being said, traveling doesn’t have to be stressful this time of year. Follow these tips below to survive the holiday travel season without any meltdowns.

Travel during off-peak days

Depending on your schedule, consider traveling on the actual holiday or the day before to avoid crowds and reduce some of that airport stress. That way the majority of travelers have already reached their destinations, making the airport less busy. The peak travel days for Thanksgiving are typically the Wednesday before and the Sunday after. While the peak travel days for Christmas are usually the Friday before and the Monday after, with the first and last flights of the day being the cheapest. While you may not prefer waking up at 3 AM to catch a flight, enduring early or late hour flights can save you both money and time. Not to mention the airport is often significantly less busy during these off-hours. Keep this in mind as you book your holiday flights.

Bring proper attire

Whether you’re spending the holidays at a fancy resort or going to visit family out of state, chances are you’ll need a few holiday-related outfits. Between budgeting, purchasing gifts, and planning out your travel itinerary, the holidays are already a stressful time, so be sure to plan out what you’ll be wearing well in advance. You can stick to your holiday budget while still wearing the brands you love by shopping at an online thrift store for all of your holiday wardrobe needs. From the perfect holiday dress to the perfect designer handbag, you can show up to your holiday festivities in style at up to 75% off retail prices.

Make arrangements for gifts

If you’re buying gifts online this holiday season, have them shipped directly to your destination. This will save the hassle and expense of checking them for your flight. Be sure to do the math before traveling back home for any gifts you may be bringing back with you. If the gift haul is big enough to require packing an extra bag, check out your airline’s website to see how much the extra bag will cost. Compare that cost to the price of shipping the gifts home and pick the cheaper option. If you do have to bring gifts on the plane with you, do not wrap them ahead of time as TSA has the right to unwrap and inspect all packages. When it’s possible, keep your holiday gifts with you in your carry-on bag to avoid the risk of the airline losing your luggage and your presents

Be prepared

As you arrive at the airport, be prepared for delays. With the increase in travelers and holiday-related items being brought on to flights, it will take more time to get through airport security. Consider registering for TSA PreCheck to access expedited domestic screening. This allows you to speed through security and eliminates the need for you to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets. If you’re traveling out of the country, registering for Global Entry provides you with expedited entry back into the United States. Regardless, be sure to research the current security rules prior to arriving at the airport and give yourself plenty of time to get there.