4 Simple Ways To Get A Hair Makeover


Have you ever had those moments wherein you look in the mirror and suddenly feel the urge to get a hair makeover? In the movies, the protagonist usually gets a makeover after the climax or when the film’s almost over as part of their happy ending. In your case, you don’t need to wait for a climax in your life for you to have a hair makeover. You can definitely do it whenever you want.

Most often, people start feeling the urge to get a hair makeover when they can’t even remember the last time they got a haircut or when they’ve been doing the same hairstyle every single day. Or perhaps, some people wish to get a hair makeover if they’re going through a transition in life such as a breakup, getting a new job, or moving to a big city.

As much as you want to get that hair makeover, some people don’t have enough time to style their hair in different ways or visit the salon and get a new hairstyle. Luckily, there are ways you can try to up your hairstyling game and achieve a makeover without going through long hours of styling.

Here are four simple ways you can get a hair makeover:

1. Out With The Natural And In With A New Color

One of the simplest ways to fully transform your hair is by trying out fresh and new hair colors. There are infinite directions you can take with how you want to apply colors to your hair. You can go for lowlights, highlights, or color the whole hair. You also get to pick from numerous hair color options you can think of. However, before finalizing your color choice, make sure it goes well with your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

You may also DIY your hair color or visit a professional hairstylist. If you wish to go with the latter, make it clear which shades and tones you love. You can even bring pictures or samples of the hair color you want to achieve to ensure both of you are speaking the same language. Who knows, your definition of red might be different from theirs.

Lastly, don’t forget to include hair color maintenance as part of your hair care routine. The moment you’re sporting a new hair color means you need to be watchful of the hair products you use as some of them might work against your hair color. Products such as Noughty to the rescue and other well-known haircare brands could help keep your new hair moist and hydrated, especially since dyed hair is prone to becoming dry and frizzy. You can always talk to your trusted hairstylist and ask for advice about caring for your new hair.

2. Rock Some Bangs

Another easy way to get a hair makeover without compromising your natural hair color is by getting some bangs! Bangs, or also known as fringe, can quickly add a youthful, edgy, and fun vibe to your hair in just a few minutes. But as easy as having some bangs may sound, they require regular upkeep and maintenance. Most often, bangs can lose their shape and style after the third or fourth week. To keep them in good condition, you’ll need to wash them frequently, blow dry them, or use an anti-humidity hair spray to keep them together.

You may also need to have them trimmed every two weeks, especially if you’re planning to keep your bangs for a long time as part of your signature style. There are two ways you can get bangs. One is having the straight cut blunt bangs, which can make you look like a Parisian chic. Two is the side-swept bangs that can turn you into a cute girl-next-door.

3. Play With Layers

If you’ve always had that plain, straight, or curly hair, why not boost it by cutting some layers? Layers can add character and movement to your flat-looking hair. It can also frame your face and create a defined shape to make your hair look healthier and desirable. Layers can also add thickness and volume, especially for people with thin hair. Overall, regardless of what length, texture, or hair type you have, playing with layers can elevate the gorgeousness of your natural hair.

4. Cut It Short

Perhaps you’ve always had long hair ever since you’re a kid. Maybe now’s the time to try rocking some short hairstyles. Cutting your hair short is another simple way to attain a hair makeover. There are many ways you can have short hair—you can go for bob cut, shag with feathered layers, pixie haircut, pixie with a hidden undercut, and more.

Make sure to openly discuss your short hair options with your stylist. You can also ask for their advice about which haircut best fits your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

Wrapping Up

Getting a hair makeover doesn’t have to involve heavy usage of hair heating tools and frequent appointments to the salon. A hair makeover can be as simple as getting some bangs, rocking a new hair color, playing with layers, or cutting them short. Once you got your new hairstyle, don’t forget to enjoy your new look, show it off, and let it boost your confidence. You may discover that your new hairstyle is the start of your brand-new self.