Hair Type: How to Determine Yours


All you have to do is look at our hair to see how different we are. Red hair. Afros. Beach blond. Hair comes in all styles and your hair type is different.

In fact, there’re so many styles of hair it can be hard to know what style you have. So if you’re wondering, what is my hair type? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

What is my Hair Type? How to Tell.

First, there are several different tests you can do to tell what kind of hair you have. Using the results of these tests, you can better pick out ideal hair products for your hair.


The diameter of your hair tells you if you have fine or coarse hair. To test this, hold out one strand of your hair against a solid background. If you can see your hair, then it’s course. Corsair has a lot of texture and doesn’t retain water well, which is why it’s a good idea to use extra conditioner such as coconut oil on it. If you can’t see your hair then you have fine diameter.


Your hair’s density is determined by how much hair you have. When you pull back a portion of your hair, if you can see your scalp then your hair is thin. Thick hair won’t allow you to see your scalp past it.


Porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb water. If a single strand of your hair floats in water, it has low porosity and will take longer for hair to dry. Hair that completely sinks in the water is at danger of absorbing products too quickly, causing damage. Finally, hair the only seems a little has middle porosity leaving it healthy and balanced.


Next is the shape of the hair. There are four primary shapes of hair, which depend on the amount of curl present. These four main groups – straight, wavy, curves, and coily (obvious ringlets) – each have three subtypes.

1) Straight hair

-1A The first kind of straight hair is baby fine. It can be difficult to style, often leading to a limp look. Avoid thick conditioners that will give you a greasy look.

-1B Next, are fuller strands with a slight bend at the ends. Texture spray can help it to hold style.

-1C Finally, we have straight with a few waves. While it holds curls well, it is thick and prone to frizz.

2) Wavy hair

-2A Hair that is curly in some parts and wavy in others for that classic bed head look. Best when straightened or curled to even out the style.

-2B This hair is born with a textured wavy look. Some hair oil can make it look amazing, but try not to touch it too much

-2C This look consists of thicker waves and a few curls. It benefits from finger-styling and frequent conditioning.

3) Curly hair

-3A The largest diameter of curls, with a few wavy pieces in between. Apply product to wet hair, then scrunch it up to air dry. Straightening also works.

-3B Spirals that fall down the shoulders. Light gels and leave-in conditioners work best for this type, allowing it to air dry.

-3C Thickest and most prone to frizz of all the curls- they look like corkscrews. Conditioners can cut down on runaway hairs.

4) Coily Hair

-4A A head full of tiny, kinky curls. The hair can shrink by as much as half when dry. Wash and go.

-4B The hair looks Z or S-shaped when wet; however, the curls can be taken over by frizz. Butters and light gels will help to tame this look.

-4C No distinct curl pattern, often leading to an afro.

Now that you have answered the question – what is my hair type? – you can look on product labels to see which ones will work best for your head of hair.

How to Make Your Hair Even Better

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We all have different types of hair, but no matter what there’s a perfect hair treatment for you.

Whether you dyed your hair or are trying to get it to grow faster, knowing your hair type can help you say goodbye to bad hair days.

Now that you know what your hair type is, take that information with you the next time you go shopping. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for your hair type. While you’re at it, also consider getting some additional supplies for your hair. Leave-in conditioners, moose’s, texture spray, and gels can be a great addition to your hair care routine for the right hair type.

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