4 Reasons Your Business Must Have a Website


Running a business in this digital age is much different than how it used to be just a few years ago. With more than half the searches originating on mobile devices and almost 90% consumers making their buying decisions after an online experience, you cannot afford to run a business without a website. If your business doesn’t already have a website, you are losing potential new customers and significant percentage of the potential revenues you can generate.

There are many ways in which your business can benefit from having a website. It is possible to find the cheapest way to make a website and build a strong online presence without the need to invest big.

i. Customers Expect a Business Website

The modern customer expects a business to have a website before they deal with it. They want to visit your site to get information about both your business and your products. And with add to cart and checkout features, you can convert your website visitors to customers.

Your website does so many things:

  • Generating business
  • Promotes goodwill
  • Increasing brand recall value

ii. Customers See Credibility in Your Business

A website sends out a clear signal to your customers, stakeholders, and the general public that you take your business seriously. A website acts as a symbol of your company’s credibility. Your customers will be more eager to buy from you if you have a professional site in place.

A study shows that 3 in 4 online users agree that they determine the credibility of a company based on its website’s design. Even in this digital age, people want to trust a brand before engaging with them. Having a website in place can work as a big step in getting the engagement started.

iii. A Website Supports Your Online Marketing Efforts

You cannot imagine running successful online marketing campaigns without having a website. If you think that all you will need is social media presence to build engagement and boost your revenues, you are wrong. Even the greatest social media presence will not yield much without a website.

Your website is where you want to direct all the traffic to. Whether it is SEO, PPC, SMO, or any other marketing effort, it will need a platform where you need to send your traffic to.

iv. Show Your Products & Share Detailed Information

As already mentioned, your website can be platform for providing detailed information about your products or services. An online marketing campaign or social media presence will always be limited in terms of the information that can be provided to your customers. A website is your own online property. You can be as detailed and elaborate about the information that you want to share.

You could use all types of content formats to showcase the desired information. So whenever a potential customer wants to know more about your products or services, they can visit or be directed to the right webpage.

There are many more ways in which your website can benefit your business, including the following:

  • It allows you to control your business narrative
  • A website means that your business remains open 24/7
  • It helps maximize your ROI
  • Your business becomes more competitive
  • Share your latest offers
  • Your website can help you access data relevant to your visitors and customers
  • A website also works as a free advertising platform

A website is also a place where you can share all your customer testimonials and feedbacks. There is so much more that a website can do and you should take the right step by creating one.


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