4 Reasons Why You Should Give Attention to The Air Quality of Your Home


People spend a good percentage of their time in their homes. There are special people like children, stay at home partners and the elderly who spend big chunks of the days in order. This, therefore, shows the need to have a good and clean indoor environment.

Air quality can be compromised by activities such as smoking, cooking, accumulated dust among many other reasons. Depending on the severity of air pollution, it could yield dire effects such as cancer or other illnesses.

Below are some of the reasons to maintain the good air quality in homes.

Prevention of Allergies

Some members of the family have allergies or sensitive to dust and fine particles. These allergies irritate the nose, lungs, and mouth.

These allergies are manifested in signs like headaches coughing, sneezing, irritation of eyes, nasal congestion, rushes, and sometimes shortness of breath.

Dust contains fine particles of soil, fabric, and pet hair and other blowable particles. Also, there’s dust that can attract or form dust mites which also carry other pathogens that may trigger some illnesses.

To eliminate these elements, air conditioners, furnaces must be performing in top conditions. When maintaining them, using filterking 14x30x1 or other similar high-quality filters is a sure way of enhancing performance—this consequently improves the home air quality.

Continuous and regular maintenance of the house can help avoid the accumulation of dust in furniture, carpets, and even on clothes.

Prevention of other Serious Medical conditions

Allergy manifests itself as a reaction to dust stimuli. There are more serious health conditions that are harder to manage, expensive to treat, consequently adversely affect your health.

Below are some of the diseases that can emanate due to bad air quality: –

  • Asthma- Asthma is a medical condition that’s occasioned with narrow airwaves. Though it can’t be cured, its symptoms can be controlled. Conditions in the air such as dust, chemical fumes, pollen mold, skin, pet hair can make it more pronounced.

Family members or people with asthmatic attacks can display signs such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing. The condition can be more frequent for people suffering from asthma if the air quality is not observed.

  • Cancer- Cancer is a chronic illness that’s expensive to treat. Bad quality air caused by activities such as indoor smoking, chemical, and cleaning re-agents can expose other people to cancer. When conducting cleaning staff should use protective gear or opt for other natural and eco-friendly solutions.

Observing and maintaining air quality is a necessary step for getting good health for your family. Some controllable actions like indoor smoking should be avoided.

Protecting the Vulnerable Members of the Family

All families may have members whose immune systems are susceptible to illness due to various reasons Bad air quality poses a health hazard or a risk to them.

Below is a list of vulnerable members: –

  • Children and the Elderly- Children’s immune systems are yet to be fully developed and bad air quality can put their health at risk. They’re more susceptible to allergies and asthma attacks because their systems can’t easily repel.

On the other hand, senior citizens may have lost key senses like smell and sight. They may not be able to easily identify deteriorating air condition. This can further put their weakened immune systems to jeopardy.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions- Pregnant women, people living with diabetes, those suffering from cancer, and other conditions need extra protection. Exposing them to dirty or polluted air may lead to further deterioration of the health.

Dust, toxic chemicals, pollen, and pet hair are some of the items that contribute to bad air quality. These elements can negatively impact on already poor immune and unhealthy people.

Maintain Ample Conditions for Specific Rooms

Depending on the use of a room, some rooms are likely to have high air pollution than others. Also, regularly used rooms may need some extra care and measures.

Below is the breakdown of these areas of the house:

  • Kitchen- Due to the frequent cooking there may be smells and bad air quality in the room. This can deteriorate if not well checked and in good time. Cleaning, vacuuming, and aeration should be done thoroughly to achieve this.
  • Poorly Ventilated Rooms- After activities with rooms with a low ceiling or poor ventilation, the air can be stuffy and polluted. Good ventilation or having plants can help keep them fresh.
  • Living Rooms- The family living area should have special air maintenance tips and efforts. This is due to the traffic, items, and the possibility of receiving guests. You want the family and guests to have a quality time


The air quality of your home is of the great importance of your health, quality of life, and protecting the loved ones. Bad conditions like asthma, cancer, escalation of pre-existing conditions can be managed or put under control with good air quality.