4 Major Signs It’s Time to Fix Your Roof



One of the most important assets of any home is the roof because it protects its residents from the elements. It’s crucial to keep it in good shape by inspecting it regularly and fixing any minor damages as soon as they appear. However, some damages can easily go unnoticed to the untrained eye. That’s why you should educate yourself on the signs of damage that you should look out for. The following indications are the most common ones that you need to be able to spot right away.

Shingle Damage

The shingles are one of the main structures of the roof and if they suffer serious damage, you might have to replace the whole roof. After a windstorm, you should check for damages that may have occurred if something hard, like a tree branch, was thrown against the shingles. Signs of damage include bruises that look like lines of demarcations of a darker color. Granules may flake as well because of the wind or the age of the shingles.

Another type of damage you may notice is some cracking in the shingles due to extreme temperature fluctuations that result in continuous expansion and contraction. This may allow water to enter your house, which can ruin your interior. Speaking of water, the cupping and curling of the shingles also allow rain to get inside. It can also be a sign of bad workmanship. That being said, you should ensure that the people who build and repair your roof have enough experience to avoid having to replace it entirely every few years.


After heavy rain, water collects in the form of a pool on the roof, especially a flat one. That’s why the roof should be constructed in a way that allows for drainage within twenty-four hours. Otherwise, ponding may occur, which can cause major damage. It happens because of improper installation of drains, heavyweight that leads to the compacting of the wood, or added protrusions that act as bumpers. If you have a leak, you should call a roof repair specialist as soon as possible to come to fix the problem. Even though most roofing materials are water-resistant, the recurring accumulation of fluids may pose a problem in the long run. If you notice any sign of wear or the ponding lasts for a couple of days, you should start looking for a professional because finding a local roofer is not easy, especially if you want a highly reliable one. When you start your search early on, you will be able to find an expert who can fix your roof before the damage escalates and you’re forced to replace it altogether.

Changes in the Attic

The attic can give you a hint about the condition of the roof if you know what to look for. Keep an eye on the flashings because they are vulnerable to wear and tear from continuous exposure to sunlight. They should remain intact because they are the layers that cover and protect vents and solar lights.

The temperature inside your attic is another determining factor; if the temperature is hotter than usual, then the ventilation system is probably compromised. Good airflow is a must to avoid moisture accumulation and keep the air healthy. The higher temperature can also indicate the presence of cracks in the roof. Too much sunlight leads to excess heat that can cause nails to pop or shingles to shrink and ruin the items you have stored up there.

Another sign of a leaky roof is water droplets on the floor from an unknown source. Some small cracks may not be visible to the naked eye but they can still compromise the integrity of the roof. This can also cause damage to the attic because water causes wood to expand and crack, which makes your belongings vulnerable to weather damage.

Water Damage

Moisture is your biggest foe, so if you notice any signs of water damage, you should act immediately. Water can damage the structure when it gets trapped inside the ceiling and walls. It can also lead to rotting of the wood and weaken the entire structure of the roof. Mold may also appear as a result because it flourishes in humid environments. It eats up the wood and causes a horrible smell in enclosed spaces. Other kinds of bacteria may accumulate as well and damage the whole roof. You should install humidifiers to protect the attic before the situation gets out of hand.



The roof is one of the most important parts of any house; it provides insulation, protects you from the elements, and keeps rodents and pests from entering your house. That’s why you shouldn’t take any signs of damage lightly. Regular maintenance and inspection are necessary to save time and effort, so make sure you keep an eye out for these 4 signs. If you suspect that your roof requires major repairs, make sure to hire an expert who can take care of them efficiently to avoid further problems down the line.


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