4 Investment Pieces Every Woman Should Own: Self-Appreciation for Women

Do you have a drawer full of clothes but you can never find anything to wear? Have trouble deciding what to wear in the morning because you don’t like any of your outfits? If so, it might be time for some self-appreciation. One way to do this is by investing in four specific pieces of clothing that will last and are worth spending money on. These are pieces that every woman should own: designer necklaces, high-quality watches, valuable rings, and many more.



Designer Necklace

Designer necklaces are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe because they are among the trendy fashion styles and add that extra pop of character.

The first investment piece every woman should own is a designer necklace for two reasons: it’s an incredible accessory. Secondly, the price of gold has increased drastically in recent years, meaning that any designs purchased today will probably retain their worth indefinitely.

When investing in jewelry, always buy from reputable designers as there are many fakes out there.

High-Quality Watch:

You may think that you’re not into watches, but a good watch is worth much more than what it costs. You can wear a high-quality watch for many years and even pass it down to the next generation.

A high-quality timepiece like the one you’d find from WatchBox can be an excellent investment and piece to add to any woman’s wardrobe. So why not invest in one of these pieces for your special day? Brands like Rolex, Cartier, Michael Kors are only the start of what you could find with this type of purchase!

You’ll never regret wearing a beautiful designer watch as part of your outfit or paired with other jewelry. And don’t forget that it will last much longer than many clothing purchases if properly cared for.

Long-Lasting Bracelets

Designer jewelry is like a good-quality meal: you appreciate it more when the bill comes. If the piece is from an independent designer or small company, then your investment will likely be worth every penny because of how rare and special it can feel to own one.

Bracelets are in this category, too; they’re not always big-ticket items, but as anyone who’s ever worn them knows, they can make all the difference in feeling put together.

They don’t have to look flashy either – there are plenty of options made with natural fabrics and simple designs, so you don’t need to spend much.

Valuable Rings

A valuable ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and self-worth. In addition to these emotional reasons for wearing one, it’s an investment piece that will always retain its value when sold back to the jeweler.

There are two types of precious jewelry: those made with gold or platinum and those set with a diamond or another gemstone, all of which are perfect engagement gifts.


Investing in a few of these items means investing in your self-worth. Women are so beautiful and should be proud to show that by wearing quality pieces. Make sure the investment piece you choose is something you can afford, but also consider what level of quality it provides for both fashion and functionality.


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