4 Ideas to Help Heal a Broken Foot



Suffering from a broken foot is incredibly painful as you can imagine. The pain and anguish are often extremely unbearable. The last thing you want or need is to have to agonize needlessly for longer than expected.

It’s easy to injure yourself playing sports if you lead an active lifestyle. Or maybe you happen to get unlucky and trip and break your foot walking down the street.

Or you could potentially suffer during a work-related accident that ultimately leads to you breaking your foot. Go to Ortho immediate injury care is perfect for worker’s comp. situations, and you should immediately visit their office for a consultation or stop by your local hospital for treatment.

While the orthopedic surgeon and doctor can only do so much, you also have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands. You can make changes to your lifestyle to help promote healing. If you’re willing, please begin implementing the suggestions we’ve shared below.


  1. Quit Smoking

Overall, many people might not necessarily like this suggestion and feel that it’s unwarranted but they’d be wrong. Although there is no connection to smoking cigarettes and bone healing, there is a direct and overwhelming connection to smoking and healing in general.

As a matter of fact, smokers have a tendency to take much longer to heal than the average non-smoker. So if you currently do smoke cigarettes and you’d like to heal from your broken foot faster, you should definitely take this suggestion to heart because your body will heal quicker once the carbon monoxide and nicotine are out of your system.


  1. Begin Eating a Healthier, More Balanced Diet

In order for bones to heal, they need to have adequate nutrition each and every day. That’s why a balanced and healthier diet is definitely the way to go.

What is a balanced diet? Simply stated, it’s a diet that’s balanced with all of the food groups. Focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy amounts of protein, good carbohydrates not the processed ones, and healthy fats like omega-3 fish oils that you can get from eating fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds as a few excellent examples.

Remember, your body is only going to function well if you’re giving it the best fuel. So if you are attempting to recover from a broken foot, it obviously makes sense to switch to a healthy, well-balanced diet. This will allow you to make a full recovery much quicker than you would if you were eating lots of junk food, processed food, sugary beverages, and the like.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Calcium Intake

Believe it or not, now that you’ve suffered from a broken bone in your foot you’re probably under the impression that you need to start taking extra calcium. Sure, calcium is excellent and it will definitely help heal your broken bone faster. But you do not want to go overboard by taking too many calcium supplements.

Why? Well, the additional supplements aren’t going to do anything extra to help you heal faster. The only thing they’ll do is put a bigger dent in your wallet and you’ll end up wasting money by peeing out the excess calcium that your body doesn’t need.


  1. Talk to Your Doctor About Surgery

As you can imagine, there are many wonderful trends in the medical industry revitalizing healthcare. You never know what kind of additional help or recommendations your doctor might offer.

If your foot is fractured, it’s possible the doctor might be able to perform surgery in order to heal the fractures. This will definitely allow you to heal a lot faster as you can imagine. With any surgery, there are definitely certain risks so weigh the pros and cons and consider this seriously if it’s something your doctor can do to help you.


Final Thoughts

You now know that it’s possible to heal a broken foot faster by using additional alternative treatments. You can begin eating healthier without going on a diet, talk to your doctor to find out about new treatment options, monitor your calcium intake, and quit smoking. If you use these suggestions, you’ll have no trouble healing your broken foot much quicker than you would if you were to do nothing, so give them a shot.


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