4 Classy and Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

 Announce the future arrival of your baby in a totally new way! Here are four unique pregnancy announcement ideas your loved ones will never forget.

Guess what? You’re pregnant! This is a time to celebrate. You’ve been keeping this news a secret for the first trimester and now it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

But, how should you do it? Competing with the huge press around celebrity announcements makes it harder than ever to come up with something unique. Here, we give you our best pregnancy announcement ideas that will wow your friends and family.

Get Classy and Creative with These Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are some great ways to announce pregnancy news in a classy way. These are bound to make your friends and family beam with joy at your newest addition.

Create a Personalized Announcement Card

Announce the pregnancy and give your loved ones a keepsake to cherish for years by creating a personalized announcement card. You can use services to create free pregnancy announcements. Include the due date and some fun wording and you’re good to go.

Take a maternity photoshoot to capture the infancy of your growing belly and include it in the card. Proclaim “We’re Expecting”, sit back and wait for the excited phone calls to come in.

Enlist Your Four-Legged Babies

Some of the cutest pregnancy announcement ideas include the furry kids you already have in your house. Have your dog hold a sign with the news.

Get a picture of your pets resting their heads on your tummy. Capture some confused animal faces and say something like “What? There’s another tiny hooman coming?”

Including the furry friends in the announcement will get them more excited for baby too.

Invite Your Friends and Family Over for a Scavenger Hunt

Cute baby announcement ideas don’t always have to include cards and photos. The great thing about creative pregnancy announcements is that you can take your loved ones by surprise.

Plan a party at your home for another occasion. As guests arrive, hand out clues. Have your guests participate in a scavenger hunt that concludes with the announcement that “We’re Pregnant!”

The fun with this is some of your guests may figure out the mystery before they get to the end of the trail of clues. These sorts of games always end up in lots of laughter and excitement. This type of announcement also lets you let those closest to you get first dibs on the excitement instead of a more public social media shout out.

Get Big Brother or Sister Involved 

Pregnancy announcements with older siblings are always adorable. Make t-shirts proclaiming they are becoming a big brother or sister. Have them hold cute signs.

You can make this more subtle by having a family photo taken and add a pair of tiny baby shoes in front of your belly. See who notices the small detail and then confirm the news.

A Joyous Occasion Deserves Fun Fanfare

We hope these pregnancy announcement ideas got your creative juices flowing. Enlist some help to pull these off and have a memory to cherish forever.

How did you announce your pregnancy? Have you seen some awesome announcements you’d like to share? Comment below with the best (and worst) pregnancy announcements you’ve seen.


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