3 Ways Plants Can Help You Through Coronavirus Lockdown

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that the coronavirus outbreak this year has impacted on your quality of life. You may be unable to work and placed on furlough. If your boss is still paying a portion of your wages for this, you’re one of the lucky ones. There are many who have been unceremoniously let go from their jobs, not to mention all the freelancers whose work has dried up as clients stop taking orders as they self-isolate. All of this, plus being confined to the home for the vast majority of the day can put a strain on anyone’s wellbeing. It can cause us great stress and exacerbate pre-existing issues with anxiety. It can put strain on relationships and push us into unhealthy habits. 

In these uncertain and stressful times, we all need to keep an open mind and consider anything that can help make a difficult situation as liveable as possible. Fortunately, one of our most loyal allies in this ongoing battle has been at our side since the dawn of humanity… plants!


Here we’ll look at some of the ways plants of all kinds can help you through this difficult time.


Eating them can improve your immune function


Coronavirus isn’t always deadly. But it can be. And not just for the elderly and vulnerable. As careful as you are to avoid exposure to the virus, it also behoves you to take precautions that will protect your immune system. 


This means ensuring that your every plate is loaded with veggies and fruits. Fresh is the gold standard, but frozen and canned are okay if you can’t get fresh. Plant based foods are rich in phytochemicals which are linked to improved immune response as well as decreased risk of some of the nation’s biggest killers like heart disease.


They can ease stress and anxiety


These are extremely stressful times. We should all be doing what we can to mitigate the effects of stress on our lives. Not only can stress weaken the immune system, it can also make your life far less enjoyable while you’re on lockdown. None of us is at our best when we’re stressed. Especially if we’re sharing a small space with someone we love. Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which plants can have a naturally stress-relieving effect on our bodies. Whether we’re buying moonrock or simply sipping a steaming cup of chamomile tea. Of course, we don’t need to imbibe plants to enjoy their stress relieving effects. Which brings us to…


They make your home more beautiful


Houseplants might just become your best friends as you live in self-isolation for the coming weeks or months. They oxygenate your living space, mask cooking smells and unwanted odors, help to create a feeling of calm and relaxation. And, let’s be honest, they look beautiful. They can help you make the most out of your living space and enjoy the time you spend there. 


Sure, Disney Plus and Animal Crossing will be doing their part to help us through this. But spare a thought for the awesome power of plants in thus uncertain time. 


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