3 Useful Tips in Choosing Your Pre-Wedding Photography Locations


Are you busy preparing for your wedding? With your hectic schedule, you might miss one of the essential elements of weddings nowadays: the pre-nuptial photoshoot. To capture the chemistry between you and your partner, you should find the perfect locations and wedding photography services provider for your pre-wedding shoot.

Pre-nuptial photography offers an opportunity for the future husband and wife to visit the places that play a vital role in their love story. It is also a time where they can spend some precious time together before their wedding day. When doing the shoot, it is essential to hire a candid professional photographer to capture your natural chemistry with the beautiful locations in the background.

How to Choose Your Perfect Pre-wedding Photographer

In finding your photographer, consider hiring one you are comfortable with and has the experience in doing a shoot. An experienced professional knows how to make you pose naturally to capture the perfect shot. Here are tips you may consider in selecting your photographer:

  • Determine how much you are willing to spend in your shoot and find a photographer who accepts your budget. In allocating a budget, make sure the quality of your photographs is not compromised. There are several wedding photography services providers offering professional and quality photoshoots at affordable rates.
  • Choose a photographer who shows interest in your love story. Your pre-nuptial photographer should be able to capture your tale through his camera. It is essential to hire a photographer you are comfortable with to be able to narrate your story to him/her freely.
  • In making your final decision, give more importance to the experience of your photographer. Choose one with the best qualifications based on the portfolio they presented. Your wedding is one of the most exciting things to happen in your life, so document it correctly.

How to Select Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations

In deciding your shoot locations, brainstorm with your chosen photographer to select the best sites. Here are some things to consider during the selection process:

  • The importance of the location to your love story – To give more credence to your pictures, you need to choose the places which are part of your love story. It may be a park where you spend your weekends together as sweethearts or the beautiful places you visited during your vacations. Your locations should also complement the theme of your wedding.
  • The availability of the site for your private photography sessions – Make sure your locations are available for your private photo shoot. If you choose popular sites, you may have to wake up early to be able to take pictures with limited distractions. However, if you have the budget for special permits, you can take your pre-nuptial pictures in crowded attractions as the management can provide you exclusive use of specific areas at the site.
  • The cost you will be paying – Before you choose a specific location, know whether the management charges a certain fee for activities like a photo shoot. You should include these additional costs in your overall pre-wedding shoot budget. If you are tight on your budget, there are many places you can choose where you can do it for free.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is essential for establishing rapport with your wedding photographer and presenting romantic photographs before your special day. Follow the tips above, and you will experience hassle-free pre-wedding photo sessions with your photographer.


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