3 Men’s Watch Brands You Need to Know

With graduations coming up, you are probably shopping for the graduates in your life. Watches make great gifts because they are practical yet fashionable, personal, but not overly intimate. For the male graduates in your life, these three brands should be at the top of your list.


Luminox watches are known for their durability. The company is most famous for dive watches used by the Navy SEALs in night missions. When the Navy was testing watches under their severe working conditions, they began with several brands — at the end of the tests, only the Luminox was still working. The secret to the watches’ superior readability is tritium, a form of hydrogen that glows. The tritium inserts give the watches a constant glow that becomes more visible in low light conditions. Unlike the phosphorescent inserts in other dive watches, the tritium inserts never need charging. Luminox watches are good enough for the U.S. Navy SEALs, Air Force, and Coast Guard, plus other special operations teams throughout the world. They are a perfect choice for your graduate, too.


For quality and style, it is hard to beat Alpina watches. The Alpina brand has been around since 1901. The Swiss company’s first watches were created with mountain climbers in mind. They needed rugged timepieces that would withstand extreme weather and high altitude, yet keep precise time. They were the first company to build stainless steel, waterproof and shock-resistant watches. As a bonus, the watches look elegant as well. The company is still known for its sports watches and aviation styles. Now, after more than a century of designing watches, Alpina has a style to suit just about any look. Alpina’s specialty is variety. Faces come in black, white, beige, and blue; straps run the gamut from rubber to leather to metal. Watches are available with either Swiss quartz or automatic movements.


When it comes to dressing watches, no company has made quite the splash that Movado has. The Movado Group manufactures watches for some well-known designers such as Coach and Hugo Boss. However, it is best known for the Museum Watch, with its iconic face featuring just two hands and a single dot at 12 o’clock. In 1960, this style was the first watch ever displayed as a work of art at New York’s renowned Museum of Modern Art. The signature style is perfect with business suits and can be recognized across the board room. For a slightly more casual look, Movado designs chronograph models as well.





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