3 Common Medical Issues When Camping


Are you and your family about to enjoy a relaxing camping vacation? It’s always fun to head into the woods for a while to get in touch with nature. The average person spends too much time sitting on their butt in the office or in front of a TV screen. So this trip definitely has its merits and it’s a great idea for the whole family.

But like most new campers, they haven’t considered the potential medical problems they might face while spending time on the campgrounds. They forget to look for the best ENT Colorado Springs has to offer to get medication for their allergies. Or they fail to bring their sleep improving nootropics along so they find it difficult to doze off at night.

Maybe you just haven’t spent any time thinking about medical issues and camping at all. To help remedy this situation, we are going to tell you about the most common medical problems people experience while camping so keep reading.


Common Problem #1: Weather-Related Injuries & Illness

Remember, no matter how hard you try there will eventually be a monkey wrench in your plans. Even if you plan to go camping on a supposedly gorgeous 70° and sunny weekend, a storm could rear its ugly head out of nowhere and seriously put a damper on your camping trip.

Guess what? Not only could it ruin a supposedly beautiful weekend, but it can also lead to common injuries and illnesses that happen while camping. And this goes much deeper than a flash rainstorm that’ll pass in an hour or two.

On average, while camping people tend to suffer from frostbite, heat stroke, sunburn, and even dehydration. So you have to bring lots of water along, plenty of sunscreens, and remember to stay out of the heat or cold for too long at a time. You do not have to be a victim to an unfortunate fate as long as you keep these things in mind.

People also tend to suffer from allergies or the common cold while camping and inclement weather can make things worse. If it rains, the pollen can fall closer to the ground and make your allergies act up. Or if it’s rainy, cold, or snowy, you might end up catching a cold or fever. So bring along cold medicine, aspirin, and other sickness related medications in case you catch a cold, the flu, or worse.


Common Problem #2: Nature Related Physical Developments

By nature related physical developments, we mean that it’s more than possible to stumble upon a patch of poison ivy or poison oak while trolling the campgrounds or walking around in the woods. Obviously, you’ll break out in a rash and it’s going to be very itchy if you catch either of these.

So, instead of hoping and praying that you do not end up with poison ivy or poison oak, you should come prepared. Remember to bring calamine lotion along with you to help heal the rash and cut down on the itchiness. Believe it or not, Benadryl and other oral antihistamines are also excellent when it comes to relieving the itchiness that you may or may not end up feeling.

Another option is to use menthol cream. Sarna is a good choice. The menthol can help relieve the itchiness, reduce the potential swelling, and also help heal the problem area.


Common Problem #3: Bug Bites

Last but certainly not least, campers will occasionally come in contact with mosquitoes and other bugs. As you can imagine, making contact with these bugs will lead to bug bites. So you need to protect yourself ahead of time.

As far as mosquitoes go, you should spray yourself according to the directions with a mosquito repellent like Off. Or choose another brand you feel more comfortable with. And if you do get a mosquito bite or two while camping, remember to treat it with calamine lotion to help soothe the pain and itching.


Final Thoughts

Clearly, camping is a fun activity for family and friends to enjoy. But it definitely leads to potential medical issues. So remember to be prepared, bring along proper medical supplies, try not to stay in the elements too long, and remember to always drink plenty of water. If you follow these rules, you’ll have an amazing camping trip that you’ll never soon forget.


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