16 Best Wine and Food Pairings


Effective food and wine pairing allow you to enjoy both. Eating foods while sipping a glass of wine brings the flavors of both the wine and food, creating a synergy that’s sure to excite and please your palate.

If you like to give a particular wine and food combination a try, no one says you can’t. Don’t be afraid to be bold and brave to create your preferred combination that sounds great to you. But it’s perfectly fine to seek guidance like trying wine with cheese or chocolate or consulting wine and food pairing charts online.

However, regardless of your preferences when it comes to wines and food, below are some of the best wine and food pairings you can consider:

Red Meats, Seafood, and Vegetable Paired With Gamay Wine

When it comes to wine and food pairing, like other wines, Gamay wine tastes best when served alongside meals that complement its nuanced flavors. A good food pairing may also harmonize the flavors of the wine, bringing out particular qualities.

Gamay wine is a type of red wine that’s easy to pair with a variety of dishes. Some of these include deep-fried calamari, roasted chicken, roasted fennel, beef stroganoff, and roasted eggplant.

Whether you’re a meat-lover or not, you can guarantee that there’s a meal to enjoy with Gamay. Because of its low tannins and high acidity, it’s difficult to go wrong with this French wine in terms of food pairing.

Chinese Food Paired With Rosé

There are better individual matches when it comes to Chinese food. For instance, you can pair Pinot Noir and duck and Champagne with dim sum.

However, if you like a certain wine to take you through the meal, Rosé is a perfect option because of its sweet berry fruit that handles the combination of sweet and sour dishes well.

Spaghetti Paired With Chianti

Fava beans aren’t the only pairing worth knowing with Chianti, which is known as the classic Italian Vino. If you love pasta, like spaghetti, it pairs well with a glass of wine, like Chianti. This is because this red wine has a fruity, bold flavor that pairs well with the tomato’s acidity.

Apple Tart And Chenin Blanc

An apple tart, especially the classic French style, is a delicious dessert that’s perfect when paired with dessert wines, like Chenin Blanc. Some great options you can pair with apple tart are Sauternes and Bordeaux.

Steaks And Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re planning to cook rib eyes on the grill, make sure that you have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon ready. This wine pairs well with red meats because of its fruity flavor and bold tannins.

Duck And Mourvedre

In some southern French red wines, Mourvedre is a sleeping partner that leaves a scented footprint. Once it dominates, it can be an ideal partner for any duck dish, mainly when cooked in Provencal style with olives.

Chicken Pot Pie And Dry Sparkling Wine

For a comforting and cozy dinner, bake a chicken pot pie, and don’t forget to include a glass of dry sparkling wine when you serve it. While many people bring out sparkling wines for celebrations, their acidity makes them perfect for food pairings, too.

Scallops And Chardonnay

The best-seared scallops have a caramelized sweetness, which harmonizes perfectly with the nutty and creamy taste and texture of a Chardonnay. Just make sure that the scallops are fresh and fat. Then, choose a Chardonnay that’s oak-aged.

Cheese Souffle And Dry Rosé

This wine and food pairing is something that you won’t forget because of how delicious it is. Dry rosé wines pair well with anything cheesy and creamy, which makes them a perfect partner for a cheese soufflé.

Truffles And Barbaresco

The concept of pairing a full-bodied red wine with a dish like truffles might seem odd. But once you try it, you’ll realize how sublime it can be. This is true with tagliolini pasta that can be enriched with twelve egg yolks for every 500 grams of flour.

Fish Tacos And Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio and light fish recipes, like fish tacos, match well. In terms of pairing wine with seafood, there’s something about white wine that makes seafood taste more flavorful. As such, it makes a great companion for fish tacos or grilled fish like tilapia.

Pork Belly And Dry Riesling

Roast pork belly works perfectly with a wine that has high acidity and a bit of sweetness. You can choose a dry Riesling for this, especially if apples are served alongside. Riesling provides freshness and cuts through the fat and won’t detract from the crackling’s crispness.

Goat’s Cheese And Sauvignon Blanc

This is an all-time food and wine pairing you shouldn’t miss. It doesn’t matter how old your goat cheese is or what kind of Sauvignon Blanc style you prefer since everything works. The other options you can try are dry rosé wines and Loire red wines with goat’s cheese.

Lamb Chops And Bordeaux Wine

When preparing lambs, there are various options you can consider, and regardless of your preferred option, break out a glass of Bordeaux to go with your dish. The wine’s bold flavor pairs well with lamb and the meat’s fattiness will cut through the tannins of Bordeaux wine.

Thai Food And Pinot Gris

If you love Thai food, nothing handles these cuisines better than Pinot Gris. The crisp acidity of Pinot Gris makes it a good match, but New Zealand’s Pinot Gris offers beguiling sweetness and opulent fruity flavor, which can be impressive when paired with Thai food.

Salmon And Pinot Noir

Nothing’s better than cooking a tasty fillet of fresh salmon. You can take any salmon dish to the next level once you pair it with a bottle of Pinot Noir, which offers a bold flavor and isn’t overly tannic.


Pairing food and wine is more like an art. There are no set rules when matching the right wine to the right food. While there aren’t set rules, several wines lend themselves better to particular types of food, and some foods or wines may require a center stage and just best enjoyed on their own.

If you want to explore flavor, try different wines with various food you prefer so you’ll be able to determine which suits you most. In this way, you’ll be able to discover the best combination for you.




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