14 Amazing Israeli TV Show Adaptations You Need to Watch

I loved The Baker and the Beauty. I was so disappointed to only see 2 seasons on Amazon Prime. Now ABC is in the midst of a pilot.
If you haven’t watched Shtisel yet on Netflix you are denying yourself. Shtisel is a drama full of heart-wrenching moments, tears, and shocking revelations, but it doesn’t fetishize religion. Even its hero, the youngest son of the family, Akivah (who mostly goes by the nickname Kiveh in the show) manages to find acceptance while hanging on to his religious identity. This is despite his passion for art — an unusual occupation in ultra-Orthodox circles — and struggles with forbidden loves.

So when I came across this list of 12 more Israeli shows on Kveller I had to share.

12 Amazing Israeli TV Show Adaptations You Need to Watch – Kveller

Despite smaller budgets and audiences, Israelis make some consistently excellent TV. It’s not something much of the internet knew about before the explosive popularity of Shtisel, an Israeli show from 2013 about an ultra-Orthodox family of the same name that swept Netflix viewers across the world after the platform made its two seasons streamable online.

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