10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms That Are Useful



Your Mother is important to you – the matriarch of the family.  You want to show your appreciation for all that she has done for you, but you’re not sure what to get her.  She is always practical and asks for items that she can make use of.


If this sounds like your mom – then a useful gift would be best.  Something she can use over and over again.  Or even something she needs, but isn’t going to buy herself.


What about an item that you can splurge to get her?  An item she would love to have, but would consider too much to spend on herself.


Here are 10 gift ideas that you can give your mom for Mother’s Day.


1.Car Care Kit


Does your mom own a car?  Any car owner needs to buy things for it to run smoothly and your mom isn’t any different.  You could get her things like oil, filters, windshield wipers or antifreeze – make it fun and give it to her as a basket.

That way she has those items the next time she needs them and doesn’t have to run out and purchase them.  You could even borrow her car close to Mother’s Day and take it in for an oil change or a tune up.


2.Gift cards

Is your mom on Amazon every day buying something?  Or perhaps she loves the local grocery store?  A gift card would help her buy the things that she wants or needs.


They are useful for a variety of things and most places sell them.  Even her favorite coffee shop down the street probably has gift cards.



If your mom is an independent woman who doesn’t like asking for help and prefers to get things done herself – then tools are the way to go.  You can get her anything from a power drill kit to a homeowner’s tool kit.


She will enjoy getting something that will make her life easier.  Plus she won’t feel like she is burdening someone else to fix something that she knows she is perfectly capable of doing herself.


4.Traveling Accessories


Maybe your mom likes to travel – whether on an airplane or driving a few hours to see her grandchildren.   Even knowing you’ve packed everything and not having to write a check list every single time would save her time and the stress of worrying.  Here is a checklist to make her trips a little easier Knock Knock Pack This! Pad


Does she have a lot of bathroom items – there are roll up makeup case she would enjoy.  Or a rolling suitcase that is easy to life and maneuver through the house or airport.  These would be great gifts for her peace of mind while she is traveling.

5.Portable Electronics


Does your mom like to read, watch TV, take pictures or find recipes on the go?  A tablet or Kindle Fire would be a wonderful gift for her.  These small devices can be taken anywhere and she’ll never run out of books.

Not only that, but she can adjust the size of the words if her sight is getting a little bad and no one will be the wiser.


6.Cleaning Tools


Has your mom been mentioning that her vacuum cleaner isn’t working right?  Or perhaps her mop isn’t getting the job done anymore?

Cleaning tools, equipment and supplies would make a great present for a practical mom who knows she needs them, but isn’t quite ready to give up on her old ones.


7.Organizing Products


Anything to do with organizing such as containers, shelves or baskets will help your mom.  Think of her counters, bathroom, her cupboards in the kitchen, the refrigerator or the garage.


Is there anywhere that she could do some organizing in?  Does she complain that the pots and pans lids are scattered everywhere and she can never find the right one?  Buy her a lid organizer.


8.Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets

When your mom is happiest in the kitchen cooking and baking – new kitchen utensils or a gadget would be right up her alley. Having quality products while cooking makes the job easier. A new spatula, Fiskars cooking scissors, a candy or meat thermometer, or some stoneware would be products to consider.

Think about what your mom does in the kitchen and then you can figure out what she would like the most.  Is she trying to be healthier. Ger her a Spiralizer to make “pasta” out of veggies.  How about a Vitamix to make smoothies and more

9.Exercise Gear and Equipment


Does your mom love to exercise?  Often getting up at the crack of dawn to lace up those running shoes. Click this offer from Reebok. $5 off ANY order, $10 off of orders $85+, and $20 off of orders $100+ at Reebok.com

Any type of exercise program is expensive and you helping her in this department would be appreciated.  This could be anything from clothing, shoes, gear and safety equipment (like lights) for her morning runs.


10.Night Time Apparel


What about slippers, a robe or pajamas.  Any of these things are a great present for mom.  She will always think of you when she wears her now favorite pair of fleece pajamas bottoms.

Or maybe a nice warm and cozy plush robe that she can wear around in the morning – when it is a little bit cold.  Find her favorite color and she will be grateful that she has something warm to wear while she is preparing her morning coffee or tea.


When shopping for a Mother’s Day present you need to think of what your mom is like.  If she is a practical person and prefers for her gifts to be useful – any of the items above would be a gift that she will love.

Your first step is to consider what your mom likes or need.  You should have gotten quite a few ideas already.  Now your task is to pick one, wrap it and give it to her.




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