Zappos For Beauty- 2 women find a way to shop with confidence


Nude_lipsticksInnovative ideas come from real life experiences – 2 women find a way to shop with confidence

Personal experiences & frustrations of two busy women lead to an innovation that can help every woman save time and money on shopping for beauty and baby products.

Flashback to the summer of 2011, two girlfriends Arshiya and Mona were venting about the amount of time and money they were wasting on shopping for consumables like beauty, makeup and baby care products. While researching online was convenient, having to drive from store-to-store and battle for parking just to touch, feel, and try the products was frustrating. They had no idea that a casual conversation would lead to a solution that promises to solve the problem not only for them but for millions of busy women like them.

Today, Arshiya and Mona are still best friends, and business partners, co-founding Trymbl. Based in Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise they embraced technology to achieve the goal of making shopping easier, efficient and informed.

One knows how much time is spent shopping for beauty & baby products at stores. Despite that, are you sure that you are buying the best products for your needs, tastes and budget? Even with all the research, we are often forced to buy from limited choices presented at the stores, because we need a sensory validation of the product before buying it. And why not? After all, we are spending our money and won’t be able to return the product if we don’t like it.

Trymbl thinks this needs to change, and change now.  Trymbl brings online shopping closer to the in-store shopping experience by offering shoppers the convenience of trying beauty products of their choice for free, before buying them. That’s right. It’s not a sample box or a subscription service. You actually get to choose relevant products.

Trymbl helps women shop online anywhere, at any time, and gives them the ability to use a product before committing to it — “try before you buy.” Additionally, Trymbl is personalized for each consumer, to produce the most effective shopping alternative to traditional brick and mortar stores. Part of the satisfaction derived from shopping for beauty and personal care products—for both mom and baby, is the ability to engage the senses—touch, smell, taste and sight. This sense-oriented shopping experience is a critical part of the buying decision, which has been lacking from ecommerce. Therefore, we created Trymbl for a wholesome and informed online shopping experience. Our vision is to create a complete ecosystem on this platform where consumers, products, experts, bloggers, artists and educators can come together at one destination.” said Trymbl founder, Mona Bajwa.

Nitin Pachisia, the third co-founder of Trymbl, explains more about Trymbl’s approach and value proposition, “By enabling shoppers to receive a product for free before buying it, Trymbl brings together the best of both shopping worlds—brick-and-mortar, and online.  Our customers realize there is no risk of being stuck with a product that doesn’t work for them and our brand partners are confident of their product quality—it’s a win-win for the consumer and our brands.”

Chris Kolodziejski, President of Mosaic Marketing, is positive about Trymbl’s promise of customer satisfaction from the “try before you buy” model of online shopping.  “As a retailer with a presence in brick-and-mortar locations like Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf’s, for over ten years, I am excited about our partnership with Trymbl.  Trymbl is clearly bridging a huge gap between in-store and online shopping. Buying beauty products involves a sensory product experience, which traditional ecommerce doesn’t provide,” said Kolodziejski. “Trymbl’s founders have gained great insight into mainstream ecommerce as well as the traditional retail shopping experience. I believe Trymbl is on point for tapping into the ideal user shopping experience, both digital and physical. We are delighted to be a part of this innovation!”

Trymbl has over 30 prestige brands (many more coming soon) with products in women’s personal care, skin care, makeup, mommy, and baby care categories.  Notably, Trymbl boasts exclusive U.S. online access to specific beauty brands within their catalog.