You are going to Love The Baker and The Beauty on Amazon Prime

‘The Baker and the Beauty,’ a comedy series about a small-town baker who falls for a high-end superstar,  Watch it on Amazon Prime

Guys and girls both will like this series. It’s filled with relationship drama and surprisingly funny. Amos is the ‘every man’ who seemingly wants happily-ever-after but is trapped in a relationship with a selfish emotionally unstable lunatic of a girlfriend. He is an unassuming, somewhat bashful, rarely assertive protagonist. After a botched proposal snafu he unexpectedly finds himself pursued by an emotionally injured international mega superstar. There are a number of stories within a story here. Amos’ relationship with his 9-year love interest, his relationship with his parents and siblings, the mega star girl of his dreams, and the c*ck-blocking agent who on one level is trying protect Amos and at the same time taking steps to protect his client makes for a lot of unexpected laughs and unresolved conflicts. This is a series worth watching.

Funny, thrilling, human. Leaves you wanting to watch an entire season at once.

I can’t wait for the next season.