Yaba Daba Do You Need to Drop a Few Pounds?


Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble always seemed to keep their bodies trim and had lots of energy. Perhaps it’s because they ate like cavewomen — and you can too!



Positively Primal(TM) http://www.thegooddish.com/shop/positively-primal/ is the creation of a local Chappaqua mom who recently launched a lifestyle brand called THE GOOD DISH(TM) — and their food is absolutely delicious, healthy, convenient, and anything but prehistoric!

Every week, you can get home delivery of a 5- or 7-day meal plan (3 meals/day). Each dish is unique, fresh, yummy, and Paleo-friendly and keeps well in your cave (or home) freezer if you don’t get to eat it right away.

PLUS, if you order a 4-week plan before the end of the year, you’ll get a FREE snack-pack and tee shirt (a $40 value).

So, stop carving that grocery list on the walls and pushing that dinosaur-like shopping cart around and let THE GOOD DISH(R) deliver Positively Primal meals to you! (While you’re at it, order some for the Fred or Barney in your life!)