Women Are No Longer Adultery-Proof: Why The Infidelity Tables Have Turned


 In the fiction novel Disco Fried, Mina Baron and Jill Stone these  two 30-something women in their second coming of age, search for moto boots, amazing poutine, and validation during a wild momcation in Montreal, Canada. During this magical three-day stint of barhopping and surprise encounters, the two wrestle personal demons and manage to survive the opposite sex. The besties face their true fears and find a way through them – together.
I sat down with Jules Morse & Meli Dez, Authors of the new book “Disco Fried”
We spoke about  Momcations, romance, love and cheating.

Omg! Women Cheat! How did you find out?

Using the anonymity of the internet as a shield, women have been admitting when they too, are bored with their sex lives. Women are speaking out about their indiscretions. You see more women going out without their husbands specifically looking for some shred of intimacy and human connection that makes them feel sexy. Many women are seeking self-validation outside of their marriages through emotional cheating as well by simply connecting with the opposite sex through Facebook, text or e-mail relationships.

Do you think a majority of your friends look to have an affair during a Momcation?

The majority of our friends and acquaintances would not even go on a momcation for fear their husbands will go on a ‘dadcation’. We don’t believe anyone looks to have an affair on a momcation, but if a person is vulnerable, the likelihood of being tempted or crossing the line is probably more likely to happen. It is hard to deny an attraction to another person if you are craving romance or needing to feel desired.

What do you do to keep your romances alive?

We make time for intimacy on various levels and make it a priority. Whether it is simply discussing the things in our daily grind we are struggling with or lovemaking, the tender moments are critical to maintaining romantic feelings. Ultimately though, sex is the glue. And it has to be regular to keep your relationship healthy. Sex can’t be a ‘once every now and then’ occurrence because that just leaves one partner feeling dissatisfied.

If you cheated who would you tell?

If we cheated, we would only tell each other! LOL. You would tell the only person you are certain won’t judge you and would help you get through the aftermath of mentally processing it.

Do you think cheating is the end of a marriage? Or can it save your self esteem and your marriage?
Depends on who you are married to and what brought the marriage to such a weakened state in the first place. Cheating doesn’t help your self-esteem, it is a band-aid to covering up deep rooted issues within yourself and your relationship. If you are open with your partner and let them know, you are vulnerable to cheat due to your unhappiness, then that’s the first step to saving your marriage before doing irreparable damage.

 Do you think cheating is the end of a marriage?   Or can it save your self esteem and your marriage?


So, a lot of people see cheating as bad and the worst thing you could do to your partner. But is it really? Why do we cheat? It is to get something our partners don’t give us. Whether that be emotional intimacy, more sex, or just variety. Everybody has their reason, but they all boil down to getting something we can’t get. Which is a form of love; it is loving yourself.
Women Are No Longer Adultery-Proof: Why The Infidelity Tables Have Turned –  
Having a mistress has lost its place as ‘acceptable behavior’ in today’s society. The internet has changed the face of infidelity. Social media, in particular, has made it more transparent, as people begin to come forward with their reasons why. It turns out men feel fully justified in straying into the bed or head (for that matter) of another.      
The Cheating Tables Have Turned & Here’s Why:
1) Women are now empowered to talk out loud about their sexual desires and dissatisfaction. Women have become bored in their marital sex lives just as much as men and have decided to do something about it.
2) Women are now major players in the work force and they have to be, as many households cannot be sustained by one working parent~ giving women equal opportunity for infidelity.
3) Women no longer accept men cheating as ‘acceptable behavior’.
4) Women are no longer willing to be June Cleaver by day and a porn start at night. Women are done with having to please everyone in their households, all of the time.
5) After years of marriage, men stop being romantic and cease to be doting and chivalrous. The woman of 2017 has the confidence to go out and seek validation elsewhere.

Jules Morse & Meli Dez are married moms & Authors of the new book “Disco Fried.”

What qualifies them as experts? Several years of being alive, being a part of various social clicks & observing the actions of others.

I don’t know and nor do I want to assume if they’ve had any firsthand experience on the subject matter.

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