Why You Must Try All Terrain Electric Skateboarding



Skateboards have been dominating the streets since as early as the 1950s. Skateboarding was initially called “street surfing” due to the similar wavy movements it does while in use. Nowadays, it is a common sport among young people, and several skate parks were made all over the world for a more recreational environment. Competitions were also held once in a while, and it gathers skateboard enthusiasts to participate in a friendly contest.

Aside from being an enjoyable sport, do you know that skateboarding is also good for you?

Benefits of Trying All Terrain Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the mainstream sports today. Many people are becoming more interested in this activity over the years. It is suitable for all ages and is a great source of fun and interactive moves.

Opposite to the common misconception about skateboarding, it is actually safe and can be enjoyed without the worry of being hurt. For added security, you can wear helmets and pads for your knees and elbows. It also promotes a sense of community among teenagers and young adults. It can even act as an outlet to prevent possible crimes and delinquency within society.

There are a lot of other benefits that come with skateboarding, such as:

It promotes flexibility

One of the body parts that are often overlooked in numerous activities is our ankles. It doesn’t get enough exercise that it needs, most of the time. Fortunately, skateboarding gives it the attention it needs. It allows the ankles to practice flexibility to avoid tenseness that may cause straining, even if it just got turned slightly.

Can act as a full-body exercise

A simple walk is already a great example of an exercise, but skateboarding allows your body to experience more. It gets your feet and legs moving while using your limbs to balance your posture. It is also an activity that is often done for a long period of time, and it gives your body the time to stretch itself. Skateboarding makes you sweat, and it can burn around 150-500 calories, depending on how much time you spend with it.

Encourages patience

Let’s face it. You cannot really learn even the basics of skateboarding on the first try. It often takes time to familiarize the steps and techniques and another time to learn some special tricks. If you are really interested in this sport, you will develop patience along the way while you discover what you can do and how to find the right tricks that you can do best.

Improves pain tolerance

In skateboarding, falling is never off the table. It’s normal to be afraid of getting hurt at first but as you keep on practicing, you will eventually learn how to stand up after falling.

Experience the Fun with the Best Skateboard

To maximize the experience of skateboarding, you have to find the one that suits you best. There are different sizes you can choose from and designs that will match your preferences. Here are some of the factors you should consider first before buying your personal skateboard:


Regular skateboards trip easily on rocks and small items along the way due to their smaller wheels. The modern all terrain electric skateboard has more promising features, such as softer wheels that run on any surface without the risk of breaking and tripping. It also allows you to go down a hill less dangerously and with a more controlled grip.

Deck Size

The deck is the one that will mainly support you while you ride your skateboard. It’s important to choose the right size that you find comfortable to lessen the probability of accidents and inconvenience along the way

Truck Size

When choosing the right truck size, you should refer to the size of your deck. It should not be too large for the overall board but just enough to support your weight.

 Skateboarding is not just a fun pastime you can do with your pals. Over time, it could grow into a bigger part of your life. If you’re determined, it can be one of your careers in the future. The possibilities are endless and it will only begin if you decided to start today.