Why Winter Shouldn’t Get In The Way Of Your Romance

Winter is often thought to be one of the more romantic seasons of the year, but a lot of couples can start to feel the chill. With the weather being so bleak and dreary, it might be easy to say “nah” to the idea of doing anything special with your partner, but you could be jeopardizing your relationship if you do. Here, we’re going to look at some good reasons to make this winter your most romantic yet.

You need the mood boost

A lot of people find themselves feeling a little more blue during the winter. Holiday stress can start to build up, you might get less time to enjoy hobbies, especially if you do them outdoors, as seasonal affective depression (or disorder) is a very real issue that can drastically worsen your mood. Giving yourself the proverbial kick up the rear to be more active and to go on more dates with your partner can be the mood boost you need to get over these issues.

It can be a great time to date

As mentioned, winter is often considered one of the most romantic times of the year and why wouldn’t it be? It’s easy to see the appeal of a lovely walk together in the snow and stopping for a hot cup of coffee. Of course, if you’re more prone to get rain than snow, then there are still plenty of great rainy-day date ideas as you can see from this great blog post. Take advantage of the unique opportunities that the season offers and enjoy some kinds of dates that you might not otherwise think of.

It’s a good way to warm up

To put it simply, as the article outlines, a lot of people find that things can get hotter, not colder, in winter. Not only does snuggling and getting intimate save on the heating bills, but it can bring a greater sense of closeness to the relationship and help you and your partner better get to know one another. Testosterone increases in both partners in the colder weather, which makes people more likely to be a little more amorous. What’s more, winter sex can even improve your mental health, which can help deal with the seasonal blues as mentioned above.

The holidays are around the corner

When you think of winter, the holidays might be the first thing that you associate with your mind. While this can be a cause of stress with family reunions and Christmas shopping, it’s also your opportunity to plan the holidays together with your partner. This can help you halve the usual stress. It’s a good test of whether or not your partner is committed to the relationship, as well. It’s a great opportunity to introduce each other to the families, if you haven’t already done that, too. Plus, you get to enjoy giving and receiving special gifts for the one you’re most intimate with.

Dating and romance aren’t always easy. Sometimes, you need to put the effort in. Winter is a good time to do just that.