Why New Research Shows Most Women Aren’t Happy—and How to Change That

Leading sex therapist explains new study and offers guidance for women

A recently released study showed that women are lagging when it comes to their happiness and emotional well-being. They are less likely than men to be content overall, as well as when it comes to specific categories such as financial satisfaction. But, most importantly, women are most likely to report dissatisfaction with the quality of their relationship, a dissatisfaction that grows markedly with age.


Dr. Laura Berman, nationally renowned sex therapist, New York Times best-selling author, and creator of revolutionary new self-help book Quantum Love, says, “Sadly, the results of this study do not surprise me, and they line up with the experiences I have had with women across the country. Today’s women have more opportunities and equality than ever before, but they are suffering from a dearth of creative power and sensual connection. They are ‘going through the motions’ instead of being emotionally present, both inside and outside the bedroom.”


Why is this? Dr. Berman believes that today’s women suffer from a condition known as ‘goddess interrupted.’


The sex therapist explains, “Inside each woman there is a source of pure potential, unending grace, unconditional love and sensual force. While each of us was born completely aligned and connected to this beautiful powerful source, most women lose that connection to this amazing inner goddess, generally because of sexual abuse, physical/emotional trauma, or negative messages about sexuality  and feminine power within our culture.”


Dr. Berman suggest these following tips for rediscovering your inner goddess:


Create a mindfulness practice. New research shows that yoga, mindfulness and mediation can reduce stress among disadvantaged women, including those struggling as a single mother or coping with illness, poverty, and other concerns. “Meditation is free,” says Dr. Berman. “Stretching is free. And there are many free YouTube videos which offer yoga for beginners.”


Start a love affair with yourself. “People say that nice girls finish last, but I don’t think that is true,” says Dr. Berman. “Just make sure that your love and compassion doesn’t just extend outward. You deserve your forgiveness, tenderness and care just as much as anyone else in your life…in fact, more so! You cannot pour from an empty jug. (In other words, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.)”

Years ago I interviewed Dr Berman  

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