Why Isn’t My House Selling?


Did you know that 78% of recent home buyers financed their purchases? Your house will sell when the buyer comes with the cash and has the right qualifications.

To sell your house, you’ll have to keep it in good condition for prospective buyers. Looks can be deceiving, so you must ensure everything underneath the hood runs well before listing it on the market.

What is holding your house from selling? Check out our guide below on why isn’t my house selling.

Price Too High

The number one reason why a house isn’t selling could be the price. Potential buyers may consider home prices too expensive if listed above their market value. If the price is lower, more buyers will view the home as an opportunity and will be more likely to purchase.

When selling a house, keeping an updated list of comparable homes in the neighborhood that have recently sold can help determine the right price for your home. As a seller, you should be aware of any negative trends in the market, such as an influx of homes in the same price range.

Ensuring you accurately estimate your home’s actual value is critical in finding a successful buyer. If attractive and similarly priced homes are currently listed nearby, it could be challenging to negotiate a higher sales price. Ultimately, the correct sales price is essential in selling your home.

House Needs Repair

If your house isn’t selling, the most likely cause might be that the place needs repair. If a home needs repair, for example, plumbing, electrical, or cosmetic, it won’t attract as many potential buyers as a house in good condition. Unnecessary repairs and maintenance will add up costs and deter potential buyers.

Even if your house appears fine from the outside, a faulty roof, an outdated kitchen, poor flooring, poor HVAC, and broken windows can all be a turn-off for many buyers. Additionally, potential buyers may be turned off if your house has a feature that is a bit out of the ordinary or not in line with the original plans.

Poor Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is often the first impression potential buyers have and can determine whether they’re interested before they’ve even stepped inside. Curb appeal can be improved with a fresh coat of paint and maintaining the outside of the house, including the garden, paths, and fences.

Home buyers also expect something ‘extra’ to stand out. Investing in decorative features can transform a garden and add a real wow factor to a house’s exterior.

Bad Marketing Strategy

Without a good plan, most sellers cannot maximize the interest and activity in their homes. An effective marketing strategy should put the house in front of the right audience, even via digital and print enablement, to create maximum and readily visible exposure to potential buyers.

Furthermore, it should ensure the house provides competitive information, is priced correctly, and looks appealing to buyers. If you don’t know how to market your sales, you must consider the help of real estate agents that will guide you in understanding the real estate market.

Understanding Why Isn’t My House Selling

It’s hard to sell a house when it’s not in the best condition. The key is to determine why isn’t my house selling and make whatever improvements are necessary. Investing time, money, and effort into making critical updates can help give your house the edge it needs.

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