Is it Time for a Face Lift? I asked a Dr. Scott Newman

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I sat down with renowned plastic surgeon Dr Scott Newman and asked him some essential questions I have had on my mind for some time.  Dr. Newman is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Newman’s expertise is often sought out for publications, articles and media pieces on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has received awards for his innovative techniques from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has been a speaker at national meetings regarding emerging technologies.

SK:Botox and fillers are great, and for a long time they work but not forever.  If you are not genetically blessed you are going have to cut.

Dr. Newman:Botox and fillers do things that we just can’t do surgically.  Many facelift patients still need Botox and fillers.  They’re an essential part of the ‘puzzle’.  There is some evidence that continuous Botox use can change the way people age.


SK:Are procedures such as ultherapy really going to buy me time before its time to nip and tuck?

Dr. Newman:Ultherapy is just one of many technology-based procedures available to us and there are now many.  Some are gimmicky and really don’t do much.  Some turn the clock back, but the clock still ticks.  Some slow down the ticking.  Things need to be individualized for the patient but a combination of the right technology and the right skin-care can make an enormous difference.  The problem is that patients who haven’t availed themselves of any of this come into my office expecting the fountain of youth in an instant, and it’s not that simple.  People who haven’t really done much for many years have a lot of catching up to do…but, planned properly, the changes can be significant.  Some of this stuff isn’t cheap, and some of it requires an investment in time in the office…but it really really works.


SK:What’s a mini face lift?

Dr. Newman:Mini-Face lifts don’t really exist.  Basically this procedure as people discuss it is something that has much of the downside of a facelift without a reasonable long lasting result.



SK:What procedures do you recommend if I am not ready to take the trip to the operating room?

Dr. Newman:For those not ready for surgery there are many options each for different ‘pieces of the puzzle’.  Good custom skin-care including certain laser treatments for the skin done in combination is the most common thing that will help most people I see.  This will help the surface- pigmentation, fine lines, sun-damage, large pores…the things that make the skin look older.  As we go deeper we’re dealing with skin elasticity.  This category consists mostly of radio=frequency based devices including Thermage, Exilis, Venus…frankly, none of these work well enough to make people happy.  I’ve had Thermage and Exilis in my office and I’ve replaced them with something called Thermi.  Thermi is the same concept, but the energy-delivery concept is unique and that’s the reason why Thermi’s results are so good.  Thermi was designed for the lower face/neck- it is now being used for skin laxity on the abdomen and legs as well.


Going deeper, volume enhancement is critical.  This is the reason why 50 looks so much different than 40.  There are a variety of fillers to use and the differences aren’t as important as the person doing the injections.  Doing things slowly is the best advice I can give people.  IT’s hard to make a mistake that way.


SK:How much down time is really needed for a face lift?


Dr. Newman: Downtime for a face lift depends on what type of facelift it is- there are many ‘varieties’.  Typical patients will be out of ‘commission’ for a week +/-.



SK:How much does it cost?

Dr Newman :Cost also varies- less experienced surgeons may charge $5000-7500 and fees can go as high as $40000 or more depending on what else is being done at the same time.


SK:Since I am going to be home recovering,and am already going under anesthesia,  can I combine other procedures such as breast augmentation either larger or smaller with it?

Dr. Newman:As far as combining procedures, it depends on the patient.  It’s the length of time of the surgery that should be limited.  I typically don’t like to combine a facelift with body procedures- but it depends on the situation.


Dr. Newman attended New York Medical College and served as Chief Resident at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. He has been in private practice as a plastic surgeon since 1993 and has been Chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Westchester for 14 years. He was on the Clinical Faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for over 20 years as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery. He lives in Westchester and maintains offices in Manhattan, Westchester and Roslyn.

Dr, Scott Newman

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