What’s the one lesson you learned from your mother?

You know who really knows. Mother’s!!!!!!

Nina Weissman Friedman Unconditional Love!


Jono Waks get my ass off the ground and start again.


Judie Kaplan Golden Rule


Judie Kaplan Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.




Nancy A. Shenker I don’t have to be just like the other girls…just kind and funny and fearless.


Cherie Corso Persistence


Sheila Marie Let your children make mistakes.


Robin White golden rule…kindness to all


Gina Maria Christina Always use the good China


Lois Edwards The Thing That Goes The Farthest Towards Making Life Worthwhile,That Costs the Least & Does the Most Is Just A Pleasant SMILE…xoxoxo


Mike Corso Do unto others…


Brit Reichel Do what you love…



Debbie Bergenfeld-Bierman Play as hard as you work — & Always wear make-up!


Dara Tyson If I didn’t listen to her I get my head handed to me LOL


Melinda Cairney Manners and helping others.


Kristina De K Georges Be excellent


Carol Wolinsky-Jurman Unconditional love


Janice Lee Giardina Forgive & forget


Christina Costa Rae Follow your dreams…


Kat McKee About choosing how to react – to turn over a new leaf


Lauren Sbordone Any fool can pay full price #shoppingqueen


Debbie Nigro How to fold hospital corners while putting on new bed sheets ! lol


Aimee Cutler Be honest, work hard, look good , help others

Lois Joyce McCourt Beauty is from within:)


Susie Waldman Ankari If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all
❤️ Happy Mother’s Day Stacy


Jennifer Mendez Respect defines who you are


Julie Law Root Be kind be nice and manners always.


Janine Patricia Iodice Respect others


Robin Wakefield Do things for others because you want to and not because you expect anything in return. That way you will never be disappointed.


Alisa Harris Kesten Always wear clean underwear because you never know.


Eve Marx Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?


Vicki Winters How to be awesome


Sean Demery

Sean Demery No good dead goes unpunished. You didn’t specify if it was a good one thing not.


Ruth Lapin Don’t sweat the small stuff


Beatrice Goldberg unconditional love.


Linda McCabe Silich To always say please and thank you



Diane Baker Camac Put on lipstick or else you will look washed out.

 Helene Cohen Kahn Pull yourself up, you will be alright!

  Erica Ficaro Breining Fight not flight! Happy Mothers Day, Stacy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all.