What You Need to Know About Renovating Your Kitchen in Winnipeg



The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s crucial that your kitchen is not only a functional space but an aesthetically pleasing one, too. When your kitchen has worn floors, old cabinets, and appliances on their last leg, it can ruin the entire layout and mood of your home. Below, we’ll explore what you need to know about Winnipeg kitchen renovations.


First, what are the signs your kitchen is due for an upgrade?



1. Discolored Floors


Your kitchen will experience more drastic temperature changes, and also more foot traffic than any other room in the house. Also, it will suffer more spills and water damage than other places in your home. After so many years, all of that wear and tear will start to show on your kitchen floor. If your floors are stained, chipped, cracked, or the planks and tiles are coming loose, it’s time for a renovation. Plus, an uneven or cracked floor is a tripping hazard.


2. Water Damage


Does your kitchen smell musty or moldy? That one time a few years ago when your dishwasher malfunctioned and water got underneath the cabinets might be the cause of a burgeoning mold colony. Unfortunately, spills and water damage are part of any kitchen’s life cycle. If you’ve experienced significant spills and now have mold and water damage around your kitchen, its renovation time.


3. Outdated Appliances


Outdated appliances aren’t only unpleasant to look at, they make your kitchen dysfunctional and can also cost you more in energy costs. Until the last few years, most appliances weren’t designed for efficient energy use. If you were to buy new devices, you’d end up saving on energy costs in the future.


4. It’s Ugly


Let’s face it; tastes change. What was once considered a beautiful kitchen fifteen years ago can now look garish and obscene. If you walk into your kitchen and cringe at the design, its renovating time.


So, now that you’re in the market for a Winnipeg kitchen renovation, what are the things you need to keep in mind so you can stay within your budget?


  • Determine the Costs First


Before you even start, you need to have a good idea of what the costs will be. One common mistake homeowners make when renovating their kitchen is they don’t stop to consider if the remodel will fit in with the other homes in the neighborhood. While a kitchen renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, it’s also one of the most expensive. If you go crazy on a remodel and get top of the line appliances, start taking out walls, and create a kitchen fit for a king when you live in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, you won’t recoup your investment on the resale. How can you avoid this costly mistake?


  • Call a local realtor.


Local real estate agents will know what kind of kitchen will fit in with your neighborhood and what prospective buyers want in a kitchen and are willing to pay for. Call around to a few trusted agents and get their take on your kitchen renovation plans. They’ll know how much your intended kitchen will add to the home’s value.


  • Research


Study renovation magazines, blogs, or videos for helpful hints and tips on how to save on a renovation. You may also get some good ideas on a design that are also cost-efficient.


  • Consider Hiring a Designer and Remodeling Contractor


While you’ll be able to save some cash on a few DIY projects, kitchen renovations are a massive project. If you get the layout wrong or try to do some of the electrical or plumbing work yourself, you could end up making a costly mistake. Or you could get injured. Ask your network for a referral for a designer and remodeling contractor for your Winnipeg kitchen renovation. A contractor can make sure your systems are up to code, help you design an efficient layout, and save on costs.



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