What to look for when buying the best gaming keyboard


When purchasing a gaming keyboard, it is important to consider the different features that each one offers. The best gaming keyboards come with backlight colors, programmable keys, and multimedia controls. Some even have a wrist rest for added comfort. This article will help you understand the different features of gaming keyboards to purchase the best one for your needs.

1. What to look for when buying the best gaming keyboard

The backlight color is the first thing you want to look for in a gaming keyboard. These come in many colors, from blue LEDs to red LEDs. The different colors allow you to customize your setup to suit your color preferences or your current mood. Some keyboards even have RGB lights which allow you to customize the light for any game!

2. Different backlight colors of gaming keyboards

Another feature of a quality PC gaming keyboard is programmable keys. This allows you to set up macros if certain key combinations are pressed together, allowing gamers to perform complex actions with just one button press. Macro keys are an important part of playing fast-paced games like MMO’s, MOBA’s, and other RTS’s because they allow players to perform multiple tasks using just one key. For example, if you are playing an MMO and need to use a healing potion, instead of pressing the “potion” button and then clicking on your character to drink it, you can press a macro key that has been set up to do both of these tasks at once through just one button push.

3. Programmable keys of gaming keyboards

Some gaming keyboards also come with multimedia controls to adjust volume pause or play music without having to leave your game. These controls normally come on more expensive models because they add another layer of difficulty when designing the keyboard.

4. Multimedia controls of gaming keyboards

Other features for gamers include wrist rests and low-profile designs, which allow for more comfort while playing and prevent damage to the board itself. If you need to replace the keyboard’s keycaps, some keyboards even come with removable keycaps so that you can easily do so and then put them back on without any hassle.

It is important to consider these features when purchasing a gaming keyboard.

5. Price

Of course, all of these features come with a price. You can expect to pay between $90 – $150 for the best gaming keyboards on the market. Some keyboards are even more expensive, but they usually have even more features to make up for!

6. Many Brands

Some brands offer better quality than others when it comes to gaming keyboards. Each one has its pros and cons associated with them, so you should research it before choosing your new keyboard.

7. Conclusion

All in all, there are many different things to consider when buying a gaming keyboard for yourself or someone else as a gift. The backlight color, programmable keys, multimedia controls, wrist rest, and removable keycaps are all important features to look for when choosing the best gaming keyboard. Then all you have to do is look up some reviews online or go down to your local computer store to try out the keyboards yourself before purchasing one!