What to look for in a really good jewelry store



When it comes to buying jewelry either at a jewelry store or pawn shop it can be difficult determining what to look for. Remember that from jewelry made from precious stones, gems, and diamonds each piece has its own design, quality, style, and the way it’s marketed and sold. You will need jewelry that is unique in every way. While it’s critical to find the perfect jewelry so does finding a jeweler you trust. Below is a look at what to look for in a really good jewelry store to help you out. 


The jewelers’ credentials


The jewelry store should have an established jeweler with credentials. This establishes trust in the store and the jeweler. The store needs to be well established and one with a long-lasting relationship with its clients. You can find out for how long the jewelry store has been operational as well as research the store’s reputation. The best would be to get information from a referral that is a friend, a family member, or the jewelers’ reputation in the community. This is important especially when you need regular jewelry maintenance.


When it comes to certifications, the jeweler should also be able to handle various jewelry certifications, for example, diamond certification and appraisal. Find out if they have a third-party certificate from a respected independent gem lab. This will certify whether the nature of the jewelry is natural and also tell you more about the color, carat, and quality of the jewelry. If it’s an engagement ring, the jeweler should mark the integrity of the metal. Most stamps verifying the precious metal content include 10K, 14K, or 18K for either gold or PLT for platinum. 


The jewelry collection


Whether you are buying the jewelry for your own collection or as a gift, you need to buy a jewelry item that you or the wearer will love. It should also suit their style and personality so as to bring maximum joy to the wearer. Therefore, the jewelry store should have a wide collection of jewelry that you can select from. 


The wide selection along with their guidance will help you in selecting the best piece. When guiding you the jeweler should also be knowledgeable to answer your questions confidently or direct you to someone who can. For example, a reputable jewelry store should have a trained gemologist in-house. You can find a wide collection of jewelry pieces at a jewelry store like The Diamond Family.


Check the jeweler’s customer service


When talking to the jeweler check their attention and whether the jeweler listens to you keenly to determine what you want. They should be able to guide you in narrowing your choices to determine which jewelry piece is the best. Any jeweler that pushes you towards buying a hefty priced jewelry without considering your needs is not reputable. 


Check the jeweler’s policies around warranties and returns


When it comes to logistics during the purchase of fine jewelry the jeweler should be able to provide the jewelry in the timeframe set. You need to fully understand the jeweler’s warranty and return policy. If the jewelry is custom-made, check whether it’s returnable.


Once you have found a really good jewelry store, always research the different types of jewelry before any purchase. This will help you find out more about the best metals to choose and the right questions to ask. Also, get the right measurement, especially if you are buying jewelry for someone, for example, if it’s an engagement ring. Avoid buying the first item you see so shop around and compare prices. Lastly, always keep the receipt.