What to Do if Your Child Falls Down the Stairs


Nothing is worse than your child being hurt or in danger. Things can become even more horrifying if how your child got hurt was utterly preventable. Yes, children stumble and fall, but things like wet floors, icy walkways, or unsafe stairwells need to be addressed by schools, childcare facilities, and premise managers to prevent unnecessary injuries.

The following will explore some of the steps you need to take if your child has fallen down the stairs due to negligence. As with any medical or legal advice online, it is always wise to seek out the opinion of a legal professional to better understand how this information applies to your child and your situation.

Seek Medical Attention

The very first thing you need to do is take your child to the hospital or doctor’s office. Even if a child says they feel fine, this could be the effects of shock. Have a full examination done by a medical professional, and be sure to encourage your child to communicate anything they might be feeling. Sometimes we feel something, but we decide it’s unrelated to our injury. Don’t make these calls. Sharing all the information could help the doctor determine better treatment.

Children like to put on a brave face for their parents or maybe embarrassed to have fallen, so make it clear that you want to hear about anything they feel, not just immediately after the incident, but in the days and weeks following. Sometimes symptoms from injuries take time to show up. Open communication with your child and an environment where they feel safe to express themselves can help ensure you and the doctor don’t miss anything that could have a negative impact on your child’s health.

Seek Legal Counsel

Once you are certain your child is getting the care that they need, reach out to a legal professional. A slip and fall attorney will often offer a free case evaluation or consultation where they sit down with you and explore the situation. During this time, they will outline the steps necessary if you would like to pursue legal action and break down the information you will need to gather as well as likely outcomes of your case.

When choosing a lawyer to speak to, make sure that you reach out to someone who works in the state where the incident occurred. This is recommended because laws, precedents, and regulations differ between states.

 Beyond this, you want to speak to an attorney specializing in the particular type of law you might be dealing with. In your case, you’re looking for someone with lots of experience working with injuries, particularly slips and falls.

Stay Off Social Media

In today’s digital world, everyone knows how to use social media, including lawyers. Avoid posting, commenting, or interacting online regarding your child’s accident, as this can be used against you if you decide to pursue legal action. An attorney can help you better understand what is appropriate. Ideally, refrain from posting anything until you’ve spoken to a professional.

The above steps will help you navigate this difficult time. Make sure to follow the advice of both the medical and legal professionals you consult with, as every case is a little bit different.