What Makes Cathay Pacific the World’s Best Airline

 Cathay Pacific leads the industry when it comes to enhanced traveling experience and unparalleled luxury. If you are planning for an air trip, you might be considering this airline. That is why you are here to get some more information before booking your ticket. Many prefer Cathay Pacific when they plan to fly into Hong Kong. However, if your destination is different, you can also consider this option. You might be thinking about why you should consider Cathay Pacific when you can get many other options at the same price. Go through the following to answer the curious mind and to know what makes this airline stand out in the crowd.

Cathay Pacific provides nonstop services to many parts of the world beyond Hong Kong. It provides services to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Newark Liberty. Also, it has a distinct achievement of being the World’s best airline with many names. Let’s cover some more reasons that might inspire you to go ahead with your decision.

Why Is Cathay Pacific the World’s Best Airline?

Cathay Pacific has been around for a long time. When many of its competitors did not survive, it started getting appreciations and became a great choice for global passengers. It creates a suitable option for all passengers including young kids. Even if you are not flying to Hong Kong, you should consider this airline to witness enhanced safety, optimal comfort, in-flight entertainment, and varied food options. You will find everything well managed. In the following, we will know more about Cathay Pacific.

Great Reputation & Experience

Cathay Pacific has been around since 1946. They have been consistently working since that day and kept expanding their service to the different corners of the world. During this long journey, this airline has outperformed many other leading names. The success and consistency prove that it has something to dominate the industry and become the first choice for air travelers. Some other airlines that joined the industry during the same period could not survive. Cathay Pacific not only managed to survive in that top competition, but it also started dominating the industry.

Fly Passengers & Cargos

There is no denying that it is a popular name for flying all types of passengers. However, it is not limited to passengers. This airline flies cargos every year. The airline always remains busy serving people in many different ways. They fly passengers and cargos and fly out and into different places. In the current condition, they are covering around seventy-seven destinations. All these facilities make the airline top the list.

Impressive Lounges

You are going to appreciate the lounges of the Cathay Pacific. You will enjoy the Wing Class Lounge that has beautiful cabanas, a restaurant, and a champagne bar. You would love spending time in the lounge and sip your favorite drink while waiting for the flight. The facilities will vary depending on the lounges. However, you can expect some common facilities regardless of the location. There will be tons of plugs. You can also enjoy the little cubicles. These beautiful lounges might inspire you to drive early and spend some time enjoying the open space.

Kids Friendly Amenities

If you are traveling with your kids, Cathay Pacific is certainly worth considering. This airline is kid-friendly regardless of the class. You can request for a kid meal that will come with a juice box. However, you will have to request it in advance. Also, most of the items will be kid-friendly. For example, you can expect cheese, fruit, and crackers in the dessert in a business class. You can get jarred baby food on request. Every kid will get an activity pack after the take-off. They can enjoy their time and have a lot of fun while flying. You can ask for a baby pack that includes lotions, diapers, and creams.

Best In-flight Entertainment

You will find yourself fully entertained while enjoying the open sky. There are tons of movies to help people of all age groups to have fun. Old classics, massive TV shows, new stories, documentaries, and many things are there to entertain travelers throughout the journey. Also, they will have a great music collection and video games. Many of these entertainment things will be available on demand. The first-class and business class passengers will get sound-proof headphones.

Excellent Food

If you love to explore different types of food, Cathay Pacific is certainly worth considering. The drink and food in the business class are excellent. Even the economy class will have some great options. After the main course, you can have cheese and fruit. Yes, you will find the wine selection impressive as well. In brief, you can say that you can enjoy your food regardless of the type of class.

Best Carrier Options

Cathay Pacific is known for its excellent safety rating and optimal luxury and comfort. They are popular for flying the best quality aircraft. In addition to the above, it is the world’s 10th largest airline. They operate in sixty and even more countries and always set an example when it comes to comfort and advanced safety features. They focus more on the quality over quantity. Cathay Pacific has the best cabins compared to other popular airlines.

Fly Million Tons of Cargo

From the above, you might have realized that Cathay Pacific flies cargo. However, you will be surprised to know that it flies more than a million tons of cargos every year. On average, they carry around 1.8 million cargos every year. For the number of cargos, you can imagine the number of flights is being used to transport these cargos. This airline always focuses on safety and performance and gets an aircraft that can handle the weight.

Wrapping Up

Cathay Pacific can create an enhanced in-flight experience. You can relax in the lounge and sip your favorite drink. Once your flight comes, enjoy your journey. You will receive first-class facilities to relax and have fun throughout. Even if you are with your kids, you can enjoy it since the young ones will have some new activities to explore while enjoying their favorite food and dessert.