What Are The Different Types Of Couple Therapy?

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If people face any issues in their daily life with their partners, they need relationship counseling to eliminate the problem completely. In addition, many people believe that there is only one therapy for this couple’s conflict issue. But there are several kinds of relationship therapies that people should know so that they can determine which one is best for them.


There are plenty of options for techniques when it comes to couple therapy. It will ensure that people can take several therapies according to their needs and preference.

Narrative Therapy

Both partners have to explain their problems in narrative therapy. In simple words, in this specific therapy couple will describe their issue to a counselor in narrative form. Narrative therapy’s main objective is to aid couples as both listen to each other’s perspectives and analyze where they did something wrong.

The reason behind this therapy is that couples don’t share anything and why they are angry with each other while conflicting. One of the most important things is that they don’t understand others’ situations. With this therapy, they will learn what thing is in their partner’s mind and why they behave like it.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT)

IRT or Imago relationship therapy helps people make out childhood experiences that have impacted adult relationships. In addition, this therapy may help couples to be open while telling the reason for relationship anxiety and commitment issues. In addition, couples will become more empathetic and understanding towards each other because of childhood trauma.

Solution-Focused Therapy

Couples who have particular problems in their relationship that they want to work on should go for solution-focused therapy. As the name suggests, it mainly focuses on a particular problem and provides the best solution. In addition, if there is not a big issue, this therapy is beneficial in this situation.

Emotion-Focused Therapy

EFT, or Emotion focused therapy, is a powerful couple therapy that can help recognize destructive problems in the relationship. These patterns begin because of interference with each other’s attachments. This thing leads to prevent couples from sharing something with each other. In this therapy, both partners will learn to respect each other’s feelings and respect them.

After getting this therapy, two people will feel relaxed and comfortable because both will share a good bond. But, most importantly, they will feel comfortable with each other.