What Are The Biggest Threats To Your New Healthkick?



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So, you’ve started a healthkick for 2023? Congratulations.

There is no doubt that adopting a healthy lifestyle will improve your quality of life while it may also help you live longer. However, stats show that just 9% of people will be happy with their results by the end of the year. In fact, most will abandon their plans altogether. Identifying the biggest threats to your healthkick will give you the best chance of staying on the intended path. Here are some of the biggest faux pas, along with what you can do to overcome them.

Facing The Journey Alone

While your new and healthier lifestyle is a personal journey, there is no need to face it alone. Outside help is available from many sources. For starters, you could use experts ranging from psychologists to help you gain self-awareness to PTs who build a tailored plan. Alternatively, you can make healthy living more fun with the help of your friends. Competing against each other to see who does the most exercise or by hosting dinner parties can work wonders. Physical activity and nutritional habits can be improved while adding a social element.

Your shared knowledge is sure to help you make smarter choices. Better still, the support network will keep you on track during tough moments. Nevertheless, you must acknowledge that only you can take accountability for your progress.

Letting Setbacks Hold You Back

Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to stay perfect 24/7. You may have to miss the odd gym session when life gets in the way. Similarly, you will abandon your diet on your birthday or at a friend’s wedding. That’s fine. As long as you prevent those setbacks from disrupting your progress, those moments actively bring balance to your life. A quick return to your health plan is vital. Asking questions like “does IV hydration cure hangovers?” should enable you to do this in style. You could also prepare for an unhealthy weekend by being strict during the week.

Your new plan is supposed to improve your quality of life, and enjoying celebrations is a part of that. The right mindset stops them from becoming setbacks. Instead, they’ll become a key aspect of your healthy lifestyle.


Your Healthkick Isn’t Enjoyable

When starting a new healthy living plan, you will want to see immediate progress. Still, you should not focus on a short-term diet or exercise plan. Sustainability is the key to success and your enjoyment will play a key role. It will turn the health kick from being a chore into something you actively want to do. Therefore, finding fun sports or gym routines can be the key to unlocking long-term rewards. Even if the progress is a little slower, the fact that you’ll keep up the good work will serve you well in the long haul.

It is a concept that extends to healthy eating. There are plenty of online guides and tutorials that can help you develop a better relationship with cooking. When you do, new habits can be formed within weeks.

The Healthy Living Plan Isn’t Built Around Your Life

If healthy living routines are to become a long-term commitment, they must fit around other commitments. For starters, you should think about your family and work commitments. Because if you reach a position where something has to be sacrificed, your healthkick will be the prime candidate. On a side note, you should ask “am I intolerant to this food?” and other questions that could guide your future decisions. Furthermore, you must consider whether the plan is aligned with your goals. It should result in benefits from both a physical and mental viewpoint.

Following generic ideas will lead to limited results. Similarly, trying a strategy that worked for a friend won’t necessarily guarantee results for you. When every aspect is built around you, far better outcomes will follow.

A Lack Of Rest

If you are looking to increase your fitness in 2023, that’s amazon. However, even if you workout for one hour per day, it equates to less than 5% of your life. Therefore, it’s vital that you make the right decisions in other aspects of your world. Crucially, you must give your muscles enough time to recover. Getting a good night’s rest is particularly important because it covers around one-third of your life in one fell swoop. When supported by hydration and the use of a massage gun, you should notice significant improvements in your recovery times. It also makes the next workout more fun.

A lot of people also rotate which muscle groups they focus on. This means that each muscle has ample time to recover between sessions. Whichever route you take, preventing injuries must be a priority.