What Are Some Methods to Free up Mac’s Hard Drive?



Lack of hard drive space is quite common for Macbook users. Moreover, HDDs are making way for SSDs because the overall performance is one of the focal points for computer manufacturers. Solid-state drives leave users with even fewer gigabytes of available storage.

The disadvantage of the lack of available storage is not something that stops Macbooks from being popular. There are plenty of ways that help you deal with the problem. If you are running out of drive space on a Macbook, consider the following methods.

Method #1 – Delete iTunes Library Artwork

iTunes artwork offers no real value other than just showing a pretty picture of an artist or an album cover. Is this something that you really need? The main purpose is to listen to music when you are using iTunes.

The artwork can take up to a few hundred megabytes of space. While it might not seem like a lot, getting rid of it will still free up the hard drive.

Method #2 – Purchase Cleanup Software

A cleanup utility tool can be one of the best investments you make. The computer system creates a lot of temporary junk files that become visible only after you tinker with the settings. Moreover, if you decide to delete these files manually, you would need to create backups in case you remove something important accidentally.

Cleanup software is the answer to your problems. It does the work by removing unnecessary files automatically. But before you spend money, check out the rating from reputable sources and focus on the features you need the most.

Most cleaner tools will have basic features, like removing old system backups, useless applications, and other junk data. But you may also find a tool that has antivirus features. A 2-in-1 deal sounds like a good idea as well.

Method #3 – Empty the Trash Bin

Remember that putting files in the Trash Bin does not delete them from the computer unless you empty the trash. Get in the habit of clicking on the “Empty the Trash Bin” each time you put something in the bin. If you do not, it will be just the same as moving files to another location rather than removing them from the computer.

Method #4 – Subscribe to Streaming Services

If you like to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music often, it may be that you keep a lot of media files on the computer. And the majority of these media files are quite large. Music is a bit different, but people do not limit themselves to just a few tracks. They tend to have hundreds of songs on their hard drive.

You can eliminate the need to keep media files by using services like Spotify and Netflix. You can find most of the media there, and there is no need to download files to the computer because you can watch or listen directly on these platforms.

Method #5 – Check for Viruses

A virus could be eating away at your storage space, and you might not realize what is happening. Scan the system with a reliable antivirus just to be safe and get rid of any corrupted files that the scan finds.

In case this occurs often, you will need to adjust some of your habits when using the computer. For one, be warier about the links you click. If a URL seems shady, avoid it. Investing in a virtual private network could also be a good idea as it significantly improves your online security. Also, in addition to having a reliable antivirus, enable the firewall because it is disabled by default.

Method #6 – Buy External Storage Devices

External hard drives, DVDs, and memory sticks are a few examples of external storage devices you can use to keep files. They cost money, but you can get second-hand devices, and they will do just as good of a job. It is also possible that someone you know can lend you a memory stick or external hard drive, so you do not have to spend any money.

Method #7 – Use Cloud Services

Cloud services are free, and they are one of the safest locations to store your data. Dropbox and iCloud allow you to upgrade the plan for extra storage by paying a monthly fee. So if you are happy with the services they provide, why not support the developers and get yourself more storage space to work with?

Method #8 – Reinstall the OS

There might be instances when Macbook users still lack hard drive space despite doing everything they can. If that happens, you are probably better off reinstalling the OS and giving the computer a fresh start. And even if you have not reinstalled the OS before, you can follow any available guides online and be done with it sooner than you expect.