Westchester’s Hottest Dads Contest

Wee Westchester is looking for a a few good men( who isn’t)westchesters-hottest-dad1. Wee Westchester wants to feature the hottest dads in Westchester County in an upcoming feature. That’s right. You may be married to one of the best looking guys in town. What’s our definition of a hot dad? He’s got to have that extra something. Maybe he’s the rugged and outdoorsy type, maybe he’s still as charming as he was in his lacrosse days, maybe his smile can light up a room. What matters is that he’s a dad, and he’s managed to retain his looks despite the runny noses and tiffs about who’s going to put who to bed that night.


You can nominate your husband, your brother, your friend — anyone you know who you think is a cutie and worth a feature in our pages. Feel free to email us with anonymous tips, too. (If you want to nominate the dad you know at preschool, but don’t want to be connected to him, your secret is safe with us. We’ll contact him on our own accord!) Winners will be featured on Valentine’s Day with a photo spread. lvov.natashaescort.com

To nominate someone, email us a photo and tell us why this dad deserves the title “Westchester’s Hottest Dad.” Send entries to info@weewestchester.com. Remember, nominated individuals must live in Westchester County, NY. Please send all entries by February 8 at 5pm.

Spread the word. This is going to be fun. Wheeeeee!