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Opening reception to take place on Saturday, September 21st to coincide with the Katonah’s Art Stroll

Katonah, NY, August 19, 2019: CB Gallery, voted Westchester Magazine’s “Best New Art Gallery” is pleased to announce the gallery’s next show — a collection of sculpture by Kris Scheifele entitled “Fade.” The show will open on September 4th and run through October 12th. The opening reception will coincide with the popular Katonah Art Stroll on Saturday, September 21th.

Greenwich, CT resident Kris Scheifele always new she wanted to be an artist. “I was constantly drawing, always creating three-dimensional dioramas and such,” Scheifele recalls. “I started making the sculptures in this show when I was in graduate school at Pratt. I originally did layered work in oils and chipped away at them or sanded them then I thought, let’s try this in acrylic–it’s faster to layer. Then I peeled the whole acrylic slab up from the support and realized I could fold and cut it. Then I saw associations with the body and skin. And like many people living in NYC, you see a lot of layered paint in apartments, subway platforms etc. It marks the passage of time, history, signifying different people living in a space.”

Her process is laborious and time-intensive. After about thirty layers of acrylic paint are applied to a wooden panel they are pealed up. These sheets of layered paint are then sliced, carved, and/or peeled. After being attached directly to the wall with nails, gravity pulls on the paint continuing to change each piece. Not only is a temporal record created by the accumulation of layers, but also by the paint stretching, and bending over time.

In addition to the hanging “Fades”, the artist’s carved paint balls will also be part of the show. They begin with a very tiny kernel of acrylic paint which is then painted over and over and over. The marbleized effect is created by the outermost layers being carved away. And lastly, with all the brightly colored leftover paint chips Kris forms colorful cube sculptures.

“This is my gallery’s first sculptural show and I couldn’t be more excited,” said owner Christopher Brescia. “In a literal sense, I thought these would be the perfect fit as the summer fades in to fall, but the show is so much more. Not only does Fade, represent the investigative efforts of an artist in search of a personal and singular form of expression, but they are so aesthetically playful and intriguing as they encourage a sense of performance — gravity, time and temperature exert their influence, exaggerating the work’s drape-like quality. The dramatic burst of colors and feeling will add texture into any collector’s life. Plus, I always love supporting female artists and I’m thrilled to bring this contemporary artist’s work to the Westchester art market.”

CB Gallery will present Kris Scheifele “Fade” beginning September 4th with sculptures on display through October 12th. A reception will be held on Saturday, September 21st from 5-8pm during the Katonah Art Stroll. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11am-5pm or by appointment.

For more information, please visit CB Gallery on Facebook or Instagram @cbartgallery or contact Christopher Brescia at artgallerycb@gmail.com or

call 917. 520.3234.

About CB Gallery:

Named 2019’s Best New Art Gallery in Westchester Magazine, Christopher Brescia opened the CB Gallery space in January 2019 in the charming downtown of Katonah, NY. The mission of the gallery is to offer Westchester and Connecticut residents as well as visitors and week-enders living in the community, something new and different in terms of contemporary artwork unlike anything else being offered in the area.   All artist exhibitions feature paintings, photography, drawings, and sculpture depending on the show.  Christopher believes art truly enhances your living space and gives a home life, personality and soul and that just because you have a traditional house, does not mean you have to own traditional artwork.  In addition, CB Gallery offers in-home art consultation appointments where he will evaluate your current collection and make recommendations on existing and new art purchases.

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Summer Fade – Carved Acrylic Cube – Formed Acrylic chips


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