The Via Vanti! “V.I.Pizzette” Recipe Contest Create a Winning Pizza…in your Head!


The Via Vanti! “V.I.Pizzette” Recipe Contest

Create a Winning Pizza…in your Head!

(NO cooking necessary)


Calling all foodies, Food Network junkies, aspiring chefs, or simply “culinary mentalists” (whose who dream of – and dream up – intoxicating dishes without having to actually make them) … the & Via Vanti! Restaurant  have cooked up the perfect contest for you!


WHO can enter?  Anyone 18 or older (as of Oct. 1, 2013) who resides in Westchester County, NY or Fairfield County, CT.


HOW do I enter?  It’s easy: just submit the simple Official Entry Form on which you’ll present the special combination of ingredients (between 3 and 8, excluding the crust) that top your perfect Via Vanti! thin-crust pizza.  That’s it! We suggest you visit Via Vanti! Restaurant (located in the landmark Mount Kisco train station building) to experience first-hand its delicioso thin-crust, personal-sized Pizzette with highly original gourmet topping combinations. 


Entries will be judged based on three factors: Great Taste (40%) – consisting of flavor balance, color, texture, aroma, and compatibility with the famous Via Vanti! thin crust (there’s also a tasty gluten-free crust option); Originality (40%); and Feasibility (20%) – for instance, shaved white truffles (costing around $4,000 /lb.) would sadly be a non-starter!



WHAT can I win?  Fame & freebies!

FAME:  The winning pizza will be offered at Via Vanti! up to Valentine’s Day 2014 and named after its creator … hence “V.I.Pizzette”.  Almost all the Pizzette at Via Vanti! are named for famous Italians – but of course we each have an “inner Italian” full of creativity  and inspiration!


FREEBIES:  The winner and three runners-up will receive Via Vanti! gift cards ($100 for the winner and $25 for each runner-up), gelato certificates, and copies of the witty and informative book How Italian Food Conquered the World by national food critic and columnist John Mariani.


WHERE and BY WHEN do I need to enter?  Your entry must be received electronically by midnight of Oct. 13, 2013 [complete details on Official Entry Form].  Winners will be announced Thursday, Nov. 7, and an award ceremony – open to anyone who entered – will be held the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 12 with complimentary winning Pizzette for all!


Helpful Hints- Not sure how to start … click here.

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