Useful Basketball Gear That Will Help You Keep Yourself Protected


Depending on how much you know about basketball, you might or might not be aware that there are some underlying dangers that you must be prepared for. Basketball might not be as dangerous as football is, but, as with any contact sport – it’s not risk-free. This is exactly why you need to take necessary precautions to avoid getting injured on the court. Now, if you’re not all that well-versed in basketball gear and are looking to learn more about keeping yourself protected, this is the right article for you.

Here, we will discuss the most important pieces of equipment that you need for protection when playing basketball.

Ankle braces

Basketball involves a lot of fast-paced sudden moves, and your ankles are the first that take the damage in case of a wrong move. Wearing ankle braces will ensure that your ankles are supported and in place even in case of severe stress. You can learn more about the best ankle braces for basketball over at, as there are plenty of different models out there. For those with preexisting injury, stronger support is necessary, and hence a different ankle brace model than for those with no injuries.

Mouth guards

If you’ve never experienced getting hit in the face with a ball traveling with high velocity – you’re lucky. And consider the fact that basketballs are quite heavy, which makes the impact all that more painful. It’s not all that uncommon for people to lose a part of their teeth when such an impact happens, and that’s what mouth guards are there for. Most of the basketball players opt for wearing mouth guards, as the discomfort of wearing them doesn’t compare to the benefits of doing so.

Elbow and knee pads

Falls happen quite often in basketball, and it’s better that you’re prepared for the fall than to hope that it won’t happen. Knees and elbows are the body parts that most often make the first contact with the floor as you fall. These falls can be quite painful, and not to mention the possibility of getting injured. Remember, a fall to the knee or an elbow oftentimes means a direct fall to the bone. While elbow pads are not as common as knee pads, if you want to ensure that you protect your elbows – they’re your best bet.

Sleeve-style knee braces

Next to ankles, knees are the body parts that are the most prone to injury in basketball. Not only that, but such injuries can be very serious, and even keep you from playing for a long time.

Those that never experienced a knee injury can’t understand how deliberating it can be if it’s severe. And it’s better for you not to know that – and you can do so by doing everything that you can do in order to keep your knees safe. Sleeve-style knee braces are very common for knee protection, and you should wear them as well! For those that already have experienced a knee injury, more supportive knee braces might be necessary.


Finally, you don’t need to be afraid of possible injuries – the most important thing is that you’re prepared and that you’re doing everything you can on your end. Injuries in sport do happen, but with the right amount of preparation (both physical and gear related), you will be okay. Play safe, gear up, and don’t forget to have fun!


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