Unlock Your POS Potential With These 3 Tricks


Sales seem slow? There are many ways to boost your sales, but one that you may not have thought of is a new Point of Sales, or POS system. While your traditional cash drawer and credit card processing system may do the job, you may be missing out on a huge potential for landing new clients and creating loyal followings with the latest credit card processing services. Learn more and unlock your potential with these three tricks.

  1. Accept All Payment Options

Back in the day, all you had to accept was cash payments. Modern POS systems are now faced with a bewildering amount of payment options. These advanced payment options are convenient, safe and provide easier checkouts. There’s no wonder that many of your customers may already be using these new payment options.

Choose a POS system that allows you to accept mobile payments, contactless payments and EMV cards, or chip cards. Give customers the option of a printed or emailed receipt to avoid extra time and money spent on printed receipts. This will not only streamline your company, it will give you the option of a green alternative to traditional receipts.

  1. Utilize Mobile POS Systems

Whether you’re operating a department store, high-end clothing store or a family restaurant, your business may be missing out on customers due to long lines and slow transaction times. Whether you’re service three customers or 300, utilize mobile POS systems to speed up the process.

A mobile system uses a POS that isn’t any larger than a typical smartphone. This lightweight handheld can accept credit cards, contactless payment and even print receipts for signing. This allows customers to pay for clothing immediately after trying it on. Your restaurant servers can offer prompt payments right at the table, so customers won’t have to leave their credit card and wait for a server to walk across the restaurant.

Take your credit card processing system directly to your customers. Don’t make your valued customers wait in a long line. Instead, use all the available resources to fly through lines or offer one-on-one sales systems for truly personalized care. If each of your customer service agents is equipped with a mobile POS system, your customers will never have to wait in a long line at a register again.

  1. Avoid Contracts and Expensive Equipment

The third trick is perhaps the most lucrative for you and your business. As technology is rapidly advancing, POS software is becoming more and more affordable. Don’t be fooled with costly monthly payments, strict contracts and expensive POS equipment. The POS software industry is highly competitive, so you need to work with an industry leader who works for you and offers you excellent terms and low rates.

The best credit card processing alternatives, like the new Clover Station, gives you the latest computer technology and innovative software with no commitment length, free or low-cost equipment and a reasonable monthly payment for up-to-date software. Compare costs online today or contact a representative to see how you can get started with a low-cost POS system and the latest software today.


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